Here Are A Few Ways To Leave Work Early

The right way to ask for time off on a busy word day

Here Are A Few Ways To Leave Work Early
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Tina was preparing for her friend’s birthday. She had so much to do, after all it was for her bestie. And the only way she could manage everything would be to leave early on the eve of the birthday.

Has this ever happened to you? We are so busy catching up with deadlines, finishing presentations or getting promoted for projects that maintaining a work life balance seems a herculean task. But there are some special days or moments which require our attentions. On such days, it becomes necessary to leave early. And this becomes a challenge in itself, especially if your team is working on a deadline.

Here’s how you can ask your boss to leave early from work.

Follow The Rules

Check out the company rules and speak to the HR. There might be an established protocol to ask for a half day’s leave. Speak to them or your boss whether you could compensate by working extra hours on some other day. If there are certain rules about asking for time off, it is better to play by them, than go out and speak to your boss on a limb.

Madhura Gudise, Assistant Manager HR, says, “Every organisation has a policy for this. You have to send an email to the HR explaining your reasons properly. On their part, the HR will speak to the supervisor or reporting manager. If your general performance is upto level and if the deadline can be managed, only then they allow you to leave early.”

Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

If you know that you will be required to leave early, speak to your supervisor or your boss at the beginning of the day. This leaves you time for completing any urgent work requirements. It also conveys to them that you are serious about your work, and not taking off irresponsibly.

Pick A Good Moment

Speak to the boss at the right moment. If they are angry about a bad presentation or a negative feedback from a client, they may not be in a mood to grant you a time off. Your chances are better if you have just provided an innovative solution in a meeting.

In the series, ‘Friends’, Joey was denied time off for an audition because Gunther wanted to go to the salon to colour his hair
In the series, ‘Friends’, Joey was denied time off for an audition because Gunther wanted to go to the salon to colour his hair

Image Credit: TV Series – Friends

Ritika Naithani, HR Manager with Infollian Research Services, suggests that it depends on whether you are working on a deadline and when is the deadline. She says, “If it is within an hour, then your request may be rejected. If it by the next day, then you can request your boss that you will send in your work by morning, but require to leave immediately.”

Maintain A Good Rapport

It is important to have a good connection with your boss and team. Ritika says, “If your boss knows that you are a committed employee, then they will readily grant you a chance to leave early. But if they think that you anyways slack at work, then such applications are not taken kindly. At the same time, you can ask your team members to fill in for you if they share a good rapport with you.”

Be Prepared

At the same time, be prepared to accept your fate. Even with all your efforts, the boss may deny you the chance of leaving early from work. If your team is working on a critical project and if there is a deadline on client’s work, you might have to prioritise work too, and complete your job before you head off for the day.

These work approaches may help you leave early on a work day.