Mountains Or Beaches? 5 People Answer The Dilemma Of Indian Travellers

Travellers answer the eternal battle between the swimmers and trekkers

Mountains Or Beaches? 5 People Answer The Dilemma Of Indian Travellers

The world of wanderlust is divided between the beach lovers and mountain lovers. For some, the sun and sand are the best break away from the city, and for some the mountains are a natural calling. Though both kind of people love to travel, what they look for and what inspires them differ on a vast scale.

5 travellers tell us whether they love mountains or beaches, and why.

“Beaches make my fingers sticky”

Shreya Labhane likes the grandeur of the mountains. They remind her of the power of the nature over human frailty. Also, she loves the challenges created by the environment like the rough terrain and the freezing temperatures and overcoming these give her a sense of fulfilment. Also, Shreya hates the humidity of the beaches. At the end of the day, there is sand everywhere.

“I like the luxury of the beaches”

Amrapali Nambiar likes the luxury of the beach resorts. When she is on a vacation, she does not like to rough it out. Her favourite destination is Kerala. She feels like the beaches pamper her with the sound of the waves and the right cuisine.

Some people like the beaches as they calm them down
Some people like the beaches as they calm them down

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“The pahadi folks draw me to the mountains.”

Varsha Joshi loves the Himalayas. She says, “Beaches and mountains, both have their own charm. But I prefer the mountains because of the panoramic vistas, crisp air and pleasant weather. Also, the pahadi folks are very welcoming and friendly. Their simple life reminds me of the beauty of simplicity in life.”

Some people like the adventure in the mountains
Some people like the adventure in the mountains

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“Beaches calm me down”

Lily Deo is born in Goa. So, her love for the beaches is ingrained in her childhood. The palm fringed beaches, the rolling waves and the sound of the ocean calm her. She says, “Just looking at the waves, soft sand under my feet, in that moment, I forget the problems of daily life. I savour the moment for what it is. Watching the sun set over the horizon is another unmatched beauty in life.” She also like the simple life of the people who stay along the beach, with their fishing livelihood and friendly demeanour.

“Mountains bring out the romantic in me”

Satwik Gururaj finds it difficult to choose between the two places. He says, “I am a person who loves nature in all its forms. And both the places hold a special charm for me. A visit to the beach is like a chilled beer with friends on Saturday night. But the mountains hold a special place, as the lush green landscapes and the serene calmness of the mountains bring out the romantic side in me.”

Yours sincerely is a serious mountain lover. Having grown up near a beach, they have lost their charm to me. But what do you like, beaches or mountains?

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