Here’s Why ‘Mithi Mithi’ By Amrit Maan And Jasmine Sandlas’ Fails To Retain Its Magic

Its light and fresh, though it does not stir emotions

Here's Why
Image Credit: YouTube

Amrit Maan’s latest “Mithi Mithi” has received more than 4.4 million views on YouTube, earning huge appreciation from his fans. It has topped the charts in just three days, which shows us the extreme popularity of Maan and his collaborating with the leading female singer Jasmine Sandlas. Both of them are quite well-recognised in the Punjabi music industry, which is why their collaboration was perhaps destined to be an instant superhit among their many fans.

Coming to the lead singers themselves, Amrit Maan is a famous personality connected to the Punjabi music industry. He had his first breakthrough with the song “Desi Da Drum” in 2015, and is well-known for his Punjabi-language romance “Channa Mereya”. On the other hand, Jasmine Sandlas began her musical career with the song “Muskaan” in 2008, after which she started singing for Bollywood movies. Both of the artists have flourished well in their respective careers, and have finally brought out their latest collaboration.

The lyrics of the song have been written by Amrit Maan himself, and the music has been composed by Intense Music Group. The song was released on 16th March 2019, under the music label of Crown Records.

“Mithi Mithi” is your fantastical dose of light-hearted fun mixed in with some romance between the lead singers. Maan’s voice suits the pop musical background score, which is catchy and light. Sandlas’ nasal Punjabi voice perfectly compliments Maan’s performance, and soon you find yourself humming to the refrain. Though the song does not offer anything new in terms of lyrical or musical quality, it’s okay for a one-time listen. As part of the audience, we can’t expect to find deep meanings hidden beneath the lyrics of “Mithi Mithi”.

Coming over to the music video, the visuals are fresh and bright with lots of pastel colours thrown into the frame. Set by a swimming pool, the colours include a lot of yellows and blues, which give a very ‘feel-good’ look to the entire picture. While Maan looks dapper in an unconventional orange suit with a blue tie, Sandlas brings out her lively personality with a canary-yellow pantsuit as well (not to forget the sunglasses!).

Like other songs composed by the artists, “Mithi Mithi” fails to offer anything substantial to the music industry. Good for a let’s-hear-it-once music, it doesn’t stir your emotions or makes you think, which is something that we desperately need in pop culture.