Workplace Trends To Watch For In 2019

A lucky year with lots of exciting work?

Workplace Trends To Watch For In 2019
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Change has been the only constant since time immemorial in each and every sphere of life. While some the changes have been welcomed by us with open arms, there have been plenty of changes which were not pleasant at all to begin with. However, life goes on and we learn to adapt to the negative changes gradually, and overcome the obstacles that we are faced.

Letting bygones be bygones, we have ushered in 2019 with a new set of hopes that this year is going to be better than the last year, at least in some aspects. Our workplace is that part of our life, which forms an integral part of our existence. Amidst all the changes, here are some of the important new trends that you can expect in 2019:

Increased Employment

This is indeed great news. Unemployment will suffer a setback in this lucky year. There is going to be a plethora of new jobs this year, so you can now bid adieu to the woes of unemployment. To get the most talented people to work with you, the employers will have to work on their creative and innovative side. If you are skilled enough in what you do, you will get to choose the roles in which you work.

Enhanced Technology

This is another great thing that will be happening. Technology is going through a huge change worldwide, and this year calls for some greater improvements. Creativity will be enhanced by cutting down on menial tasks as AI will be used more widely in workplaces. This will increase the dependency on machines and will make the lives of the employees easier.

The 100 Year Lifespan

Age will no longer be a hindrance as opportunities are open for the aged too
Age will no longer be a hindrance as opportunities are open for the aged too

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With the advancement in technology in all the fields, life expectancy has increased manifold. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find people celebrating their 100th birthday. So, it can be anticipated that the retirement age will be increased from the age of 60. There will be more employment opportunities for the aged people by providing business to them, so that they can work and earn, and stay healthy and fit mentally and physically.

Cutting Slack Will Not Be Allowed

Your corporate responsibility comes before anything else. You have to be exceedingly good at what you are doing. Including CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility in your company would include allowing donations, making your plans which are environmentally sound, and indulging in community programs.

With your improved set of skills, and an open minded attitude towards work, you will reap all the benefits of the new workplaces trends, which have already set foot on 2019.