Working Women In India: An Interview With ‘Wonder Girls’ Author Varsha Adusumilli

The book, Wonder Girls, is about making real, relatable millennial role models accessible for young women in India.

Working Women In India: An Interview With 'Wonder Girls' Author Varsha Adusumilli
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An Alumnus of BITS Pilani Goa, Varsha Adusumilli spearheaded the success stories of several start-ups. She was instrumental in launching Kstart for Kalaari capital. It is a name synonymous to start up revolution in India which gave startups the much-needed initial boost to survive in the shark pool of corporates. Varsha was an important driving force in setting up this unique seed program. She was also one of the founding team members of a digital media startup. She is an amalgamation of several passions – women, books, healthcare and startups. It is this unique combination of passions that led to her pen down her debut novel ‘Wonder girls’.


In times when Feminism, women empowerment and Gender parity are casual terms thrown around in corporate world, this book addresses an important hurdle that women across industries relate to- lack of role models. Lack of role models eventually means lack of mentorship for these young highly qualified and talented women who are still staring at the glass ceiling with hopes and dreams but without any means. Wonder Girls aims to give these hopes and dreams flight through inspiring stories of millennial women who have excelled in the face of adversities and have come out unbowed in the battle between conventions and passions. This is a book that reinforces faith in the never-say-die attitude of womanhood and the highlights the marvels it can achieve given the right mentorship. Varsha’s biggest success in Wonder Girls is that the women in these stories are real and relatable. They come from real, difficult backgrounds and have converted their lack of privilege into success stories solely through their zeal and undeterred passion for their fields.

Varsha’s message through this book is loud and clear.

If they can, you can too.

If they can, you must too.

Few more question and answers with her:

Tell us about your book ‘Wonder Girls’. What inspired you to write it?

I noticed that young women of our country do not have enough relatable role models. So I decided to write this book in order to give young Indian women more relatable role models from varied backgrounds. I want them to look forward to and idealize really successful women from all around them. I want to present them really successful women-next-doors.

I am sure you have interacted with a lot of successful working women in India. In fact, you yourself are an excellent example of a successful working woman. So, what are the major problems an average working woman has to face in India?

In my journey, I have come across many women who have become very successful against all odds. The common trait in all of these wonderful women was that they all had a deep desire to do something. The had a peculiar clarity of thought. And I think that’s really important. If you have these two, you can overcome any problem.

Okay so, what does ‘Women’s Day’ mean to you?

You know, today on my flight to Bangalore, we were given red roses. Now, I don’t think that’s necessary. In fact, it’s hilarious. Everyday is women’s day. Every day people should be allowed to express themselves. Everyday is a day for equality.

Any tips for working women across our country?

The most important advice from my side would be to constantly up-skill yourself. Do not be easily satisfied. Always look for a scope of improvement. Learn modern mechanisms and use them for your benefit. It is important to not get outdated. Also always remember to Seek help! You can not do everything by yourself. The role of mentorship is also significant in life. Last but not the least, Physical and mental fitness is extremely important. Make efforts to be mentally and physically fit.