How To Work With A Dominating Boss

Ways to deal with a bossy boss


Work can be a fearsome battle every day if your boss is dominating. It can be exhausting and nerve-wracking and drain all satisfaction from work. Like a cliched dictatorial figure, your work may turn dystopian and all hope for loving your work may seem gone.

These bosses tend to be autocratic, meaning that they might make a decision without taking other people’s ideas into account. When they delegate work, they probably won’t follow it up with a lot of procedural details, but they will expect you to figure these details out for yourself. And they want you to get it right the first time. They live in fear of being taken advantage of, so they attempt to control situations.

So, how does one find a cure for this pessimistic work situation?

It’s business, it’s not personal

Like the famous dialogue from the film “The Godfather”, you need to realise that the way of the boss is not a personal statement on you. It is just how they are, and how they function.

See the positive

Concentrate on the boss’s positive traits and learn from them, instead of submitting to the dominant nature blindly. You might be surprised how positively they react to open and honest communication or a job well done. Don’t let the perceptions of dominance ruin your rapport.

Keep the boss informed

Keep your boss in the loop by updating him/her on relevant matters. He likes to be in charge, so if he feels you are withholding work-related information from him, he might become paranoid and start micromanaging you. Maintain his trust by keeping him informed.

Speak out

It may seem risky, but if the domination is excessive, beyond the decent levels, it is better to seek an appointment and communicate your discontent with the boss. Keeping quiet does not work in most situations.

With tact and poise, you can turn the dominant boss situation into a fulfilling and learning work experience.