What Is The Perfect Answer To The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You?”

How should you make an impression when answering the question of hiring you?

What Is The Perfect Answer To The Interview Question
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Job interviews can be unnerving sometimes. With the mind already turning into a maelstrom as to if he or she would get the job or not, the interviewee goes through the added pressure of performing well and being quirky with their answers. Interview rooms can get pretty intimidating and the hiring manager almost always ends up asking the question which is a puzzle in itself, “Why should we hire you?”. In times of crisis like these, it is advisable to not take “Innovation and You”, the famous tagline of Philips’ too seriously. The key to a successful answer, almost always, is to be an obedient pupil and do some background research. Here’s a few a tricks that could help in answering the most challenging question that one could potentially face.

Since this questions demands comparing oneself to other candidates, one needs to be cautious while proceeding with it. One has to be able to list down all the qualifications and skill sets that they possess, but at the same time, do so without being too boastful. An efficient way of doing so is to read the job description in minute detail and sell oneself according to the requirements and state the things that make them best suitable for the job.

Better not be oversmart and be specific to the role you are being interviewed for
Better not be oversmart and be specific to the role you are being interviewed for

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The one thing to avoid is being generic with the answers. “I am smart, talented and eligible” is something that probably almost every other candidate would say. Saying non-specific things inevitably makes one a part of the ordinary bandwagon of candidates.

Another tested way of answering this question is to start by thanking the interviewer for asking it. One can frame the rhetoric in a way which would pose a question back to the interviewer like “From what I’ve gathered, you want someone who can effectively handle communications. Am I right?” If one can confirm what they need in a candidate, one can then refer to a specific instance where they performed that job duty with panache. The more specific the examples, the greater chance of creating an impression upon the hiring team.

“The best answer for me has been ‘Because I am confident that whatever task I’ll be assigned, I will not disappoint you’” says Kamal Jeet, Marketing & Communication Manager, Duty Free Cafe & Duty Free Vayu Bar.

The other way of dealing with the question is to provide percentage or numerical instances of growth, profit or success that have been the fruits of your effort at the previous company that you were a part of. Work experience always helps in securing a better position in a market.

As for beginners or college graduates, transparency is a plus point. By stating your lack of experience right at the onset of things, you can come off as genuine. One can then focus on highlighting soft skills like prioritization, communications or leadership. You can then emphasize as to how you wish to use these skills for the betterment of the company.

Last, but important, one needs to be confident in whatever their answer might be. One needs to be able to convey their sense of loyalty towards the position being offered and the company. Confidence and loyalty go hand in hand when it comes to successful interviews.