We Need Get Out Of The “Hustle Facade”

Has your life become a constant struggle to work more than you should?

We Need Get Out Of The
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The millennial and the following generations are quite evidently obsessed with the idea of “hustling”. Every other entrepreneur’s Instagram bio reads “hustler”. Of course there is a certain level of romanticization of the word and a certain rich kid who has inherited his or her father’s or mother’s wealth also describes himself or herself as a hustler. But, I will leave that discussion for another day. Right now, I am talking about those who romanticise the IDEA of hustling and literally do it. A lot of professionals, especially from the new generations, believe that they need to work ALL THE TIME in order to succeed. While the truth is that you don’t need to be BUSY in order to be successful. That could be you just trying to LOOK succesful.

Switch On – Switch Off

Give yourself some time to SWITCH OFF every once in a while.
Give yourself some time to SWITCH OFF every once in a while.

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The traditional working style had a very big perk of fixed working hours. Post which, one could simply switch off and relax. But, these days, professionals tend to keep their switch on ALL THE TIME. There’s absolutely no time for leisure. In fact, time spent in leisure or a holiday trip or anything so called “unproductive” sends us on a whole new trip called the guilt trip. This is a very problematic attitude, especially from the mental health perspective. It is great to be busy and productive and it feels great to show that to the world, but what you don’t anticipate is its severe repercussions on your mental as well as physical health.

Oh The Facade!

After sincere introspection, you'll see that you are only pretending to be motivated.
After sincere introspection, you’ll see that you are only pretending to be motivated.

Image Credit: Pexels.com

Every human being needs to take out time for themselves. Every social person needs time to have fun and relax. What is this facade where you showcase yourself as someone who doesn’t need all of this? You do! Everyone does! You know it too. But you’re too preoccupied with the idea of working hard or “hustling”. Nobody wants to be busy all the time. It is something we are forcing upon ourselves and it will only bring negativity to our life, both personal as well as professional.

It’s absolutely okay to be tired. Get the rest you deserve and then carry on. Mindlessly carrying on and being always available for work will only take you down in the long run.

Are You Really Motivated?

Since your will to hustle is only a facade, you are merely pretending to be motivated. You are basically just working to work. There’s no meaning attached to it. Productivity and results cannot be your motivation for long. It will certainly fade and all of a sudden you will find yourself unsatisfied and uninspired.

Working is about giving meaning to your hard work and efforts. It’s not just about working hard blindly and mindlessly. You must have a purpose. A plan. A routine. A balance. Your work should be a part of your life, not literally YOUR LIFE. Let your mind and body be free of it all sometimes and allow yourself to be happy and joyful without an ounce of guilt.