Ways To Make Conference Calls Less Boring

How to make conference calls more engaging?

Ways To Make Conference Calls Less Boring
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Certain work days are way too much to take in. First, you might not feel like working at all, and on top of that, your boss might ask you to attend a conference call. Wow, sounds boring right? Don’t stress on it, honey. It’s okay to term conference calls as boring because they literally churn out the enthusiasm out of you.

But, if you are the boss and you feel that your employees don’t enjoy the conference calls that are set up which results in little or no productivity, you should change your ways for the better. After all, who else but a boss would cater to the employee’s grievances?

There are certain really good innovations which did prove that conference calls can be cool too:

Cut Short On The Length

Conference calls are rather boring because they stretch the maximum. How long can you expect your employees to sit still and listen to every word that you say? They have a life beyond the work pressure too. Sometimes, it so happens that employees need to stay back due to long conference calls. That is plain boring and crazy!

To make any conference call meaningful and productive, you definitely need to focus on the time. The lengthier it is boring it may get. If it is necessary for you to have a long conference call due to urgent work, you must have a good rapport with your employees and provide them with sufficient breaks in the middle so that they don’t doze off in no time!

Use Video Feature And Be Technologically Savvy

Audio-visual experience is always preferred together
Audio-visual experience is always preferred together

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Certain conference calls are boring due to the sole reason of them being only an audio call. When you are using the video call feature, your call becomes automatically interesting since your employees would be able to focus on each member of the call rather than just some voices. Audio-visual experience is always preferred together than separately.

Be A Cool Boss

If you show strictness over the conference call, chances are your employees would start hating you and deny conferences calls further. Therefore, make sure to be as cool as possible and deal with all their suggestions and queries efficiently.

Know What’s Important

To make your conference calls fun, you need to always sort out your priorities and go through them rather than going through your entire plan in one day. Make sure to never be extra, and talk about the entire year’s plan in one hour.

If you follow these important notes, your conference calls would be interesting and precise. A company only runs smoothly when its employees are the happiest!