Want To Impress Your Boss / Manager? Here Are A Few Questions You Can Ask

What questions would your boss want to hear from you?

Want To Impress Your Boss / Manager? Here Are A Few Questions You Can Ask
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Being at work encompasses keeping in mind a number of things, and one of the most important things to be kept in mind is how your relationship works out with your boss or your manager. Being in their good books is what matters the most for rising higher up the ladder of success, and no matter what, you cannot afford to mess that up.

Other than dressing yourself up and presenting yourself in a way that impresses your boss, there are other things which need to be kept in mind so that your boss notices that you are different from the rest. Other than your devotion to your work and your perseverance to achieve success in what you do, there are a few questions which you may ask your boss or your manager, which will definitely impress him and make him feel you are different from the rest of the employees. Here are some the questions you may consider asking your boss or manager to make a difference:

The Great Conversation Starter – How Are You Doing Today?

The first step to gauge his mood is to ask him about his day
The first step to gauge his mood is to ask him about his day

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It is a must to be able to gauge the mood of your boss or your manager. They too are humans and they may not have it in them to be the epitome of patience and greatness each day. So, the best way to find out about your boss’ mood is to ask him how he is doing. You may not always be greeted with a smile to that question, but this will definitely make your boss notice you because you showed interest in how he was feeling.

Be Keen On Knowing About Your Tasks – Anything Important That I Can Assist You With?

This clearly depicts that you love your job and that you are happy to help, even if it means going an extra mile to accomplish the difficult tasks that are assigned to you. This is a great way to show that you are willing to help and to learn more and be there in cases of emergencies. You may expect brownie points after you make it a habit to ask about any extra work that you may have to do.

Kamal Jeet, Marketing & Communication Manager at Duty Free Cafe & Duty Free Vayu Bar says, some managers or bosses might “probably be okay with questions like ‘Can we add on to this already amazing idea a little bit ?’, ‘Can we do things this way, it’ll be more budget friendly ?’”

Know Your Progress – How Have I Been Performing?

Ask your boss about his views on your performance
Ask your boss about his views on your performance

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While it may sound a bit tacky and cringe worthy initially and the introverts may want to stay away from this question, it is mandatory you know about your progress at work. There is no one other than your boss or your manager to walk you through your success story at work. It makes a great impression to be eager to know about your work and your progress because if you have a proper feedback, you will perform better and that will help you in the long run.

Know About His Boss – Did You Have Tough Boss? How Did You Deal With Yours?

If your boss or manager is a chirpy person, then things will be easier for you in terms of holding a conversation. Showing interest in how your boss or manager came where he is will be a great ice breaker and it will also help you get to know your boss better.

With these simple questions, you can now have a good relationship with your boss or manager.