Have You Tried An Act Of Random Kindness At Work?

We decode the code of kindness at work on World Kindness Day

Have To Tried An Act Of Random Kindness At Work?

Random Acts of Kindness have become cool again. It is nice to be nice. Today is about emphasising the idea that by doing someone a good deed we can make them happy and boost our own sense of wellbeing. RAKs make the world a better place.

Lend a hand to a senior on the elevator, get a busy colleague lunch, lend someone your mobile charger. These are small moments, but they are a step towards a healthier work space.

Proponents of RAK quote psychological studies to prove that kindness is good for you. Here is how?

Happiness – making other people happy boosts our own sense of happiness.
Greater self-confidence – giving makes us feel better as people.
Positive energy – doing one good thing will make us want to do more.

Remember how Rachel’s sister wanted to babysit her baby and have her Erin Brockovich moment in ‘Friends’? The brooding sort have had their day, and the days of the Kind-hearted are back.

So, how can you show more kindness at work, and earn some moral brownie points.


Share your home-cooked meals with a colleague away from home, or get a sick colleague some soup. Finding ways at work to help others is one of the simplest things to do to create an environment of kindness. Offering to assist on a project or covering someone’s shift are all ways that you can provide support to those around you.

It means so much to someone else when you offer to lighten the load. Most of the time the offer is appreciated more than the act itself.


This can be the biggest winner in the Kindness game. So often, people are frustrated when their contribution is not appreciated. A simple thank you can go a long way in bearing a heavy load of work.

Ready to learn

This is an important aspect to practise kindness at work. To acknowledge that your peer may know something more than you, and to be able to learn from them is a sign of humility, and makes for a harmonious work environment.

So, put some cookies in a jar on your desk, lend a helping hand, and spread the circle of goodness at work.

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