Some Toxic Colleagues To Avoid At Work

How to recognise and avoid toxic relations at work?

Some Toxic Colleagues To Avoid At Work

Many of us must have experiences some or other form of toxic relation at work. If you have, you will realise how exhausting they are and what a drain on your work satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.

To avoid or counter such relations with any co-worker one needs to recognise when a colleague is turning toxic. We may not be able to control the toxicity of other people, but we can control how we respond to them, and this has the power to alter the course of a relationship. Before a toxic relationship can be neutralized, you must understand what’s making it toxic in the first place.

Some toxic behaviour at work can be a passive-aggressive person.

This type takes many forms in the workplace, from the manager who gives you the cold shoulder to the colleague who cc’s e-mails to your boss.Passive aggressive types have great difficulty receiving feedback, and this can lead them to leave work early or not to work as hard. Passive aggression is deadly in the workplace, where opinions and feelings need to be placed on the table in order for progress to continue.

When you find someone behaving passive aggressively toward you, you need to take it upon yourself to communicate the problem. Passive aggressive types typically act the way they do because they’re trying to avoid the issue at hand.

Another form of toxic behaviour can be relationships that lack forgiveness and trust.

You’ll find that these people hold grudges, are constantly afraid that other people are going to do them harm, and may even begin nudging you out of important projects. If you’re not careful, this can stifle upward career movement by removing important opportunities for growth.

Such irrational work in a professional environment can be frustrating and tiring. Quit trying to beat the toxic colleagues at their own game. Distance yourself from them emotionally, and approach your interactions with them rationally.

So, if you find yourself amidst a toxic relation at work, analyse and approach the problem rationally. With logical steps and emotional distancing, you can save yourself from the toxic trap.

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