This HR Exec Shares What They Look For When They Meet You For The First Time

There’s a lot that they assess, so make sure you’re prepared

Here’s What Companies Look For When They Meet You For The First Time
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could look inside the mind of someone who is sitting in the hiring seat and will be meeting you soon for that job interview you are preparing for?

Here’s a look at some of the key things that HR personnel and companies are looking for in candidates when they meet them for the first time.

Google Yourself Clean, Fast!

One of the first things that HR does is to check your name on Google and get all the dope there’s out there, so make sure you clean up your act. Go through your public images and remove the ones of you being sloshed out. Clean them up before you hand out your resume, but if you’ve already sent it, do it now.

Brush Up Your Communication Skills

“Good analytical skills and being an effective communicator are key points.”
“Good analytical skills and being an effective communicator are key points.”

Kshitija has been in recruitment for more than 5 years now with HireaJackal, a recruitment technology platform that helps people find the right match when it comes to hiring and getting a new job.

According to her, HR people are always on the lookout for those who come across as proactive and go-getters. They should also come across as strong individuals with good analytical skills and be effective communicators. In fact, says Kshitija, “We generally prepare assessments to check their analytical and problem-solving skills. We also have a guestimate questions round; it helps us in understanding the thought process of a person and the logic they put behind it.”

Are You Okay To Mingle And Be In A Team?

You don’t have to be over-the-top in your dealings with people, but, feels Khisitja, as long as you come across as someone who is ready to learn and mingle easily within teams, it will make you look good.

Behave Up People

There are lots of things that HR puts in perspective when they analyze you for the role, such as whether you were on time, the way you are dressed, how you acknowledge and greet people and so on.

Along with all of this, make sure you are dressed as per the role you are going for, wear a subtle perfume and definitely wear your smile and have a firm handshake. And yes, part with a smile and a greeting too.