Things To Do Once Your Interview Is Over

Instead of just wasting time and wondering what will happen, try these

Things To Do Once Your Interview Is Over

You may have been worked up about the interview and once it’is over, all you want to do is chill and relax.

However, there’s a lot you can do right after your interview is over, and in the time between your interview and the confirmation call.

1. Collect All Those Business Cards

Once the interview is over, thank everyone, wish them with a smile and ask them for their business cards. This way you can have all contacts in place. It will prevent you from forgetting someone’s name and contact details. Once you are outside the room, you can jot down small notes at the back of each to help you remember who was who.

2. Sending Out A Thank You Email Can Be A Positive Gesture

Sending out a thank you message will always leave a mark on your interviewer
Sending out a thank you message will always leave a mark on your interviewer

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Did you have a good time at the interview and did you feel that you learnt something positive? Did you have some connect with the people and did you feel like you would really love to work there? If yes, make sure to drop in a thank you line to the interviewers individually. Whether you get the job or not, they will surely remember you and may get in touch with you later, if not now.

3. Don’t Wait For The Call, Follow Up At The Right Time

You don’t want to be that annoying person who keeps asking what happened about the interview results, but you don’t want to come across as not interested either. If you haven’t heard back in a week from the interview, it is alright to get in touch and check up on what happened. This is a good time to not sound desperate but more interested.

While the way you conduct yourself at the interview is important, how you handle the time after that is also crucial. A lot of the times, if interviewers have met a number of potential candidates, they tend to be more favourable towards those who show an interest after the interview. However, do remember that the line between being enthusiastic and being annoying is very thin. It is possible that in your excitement, you end up coming off as too strong or call them too many times, which could disturb them. Calling once after about a week is fine, and if you still don’t hear back, maybe you can drop in another line in the next two to three weeks.

According to Vishal Kataria, founder of Aryatra, a business process consultant and a content creator himself, “The best way to get the job is to ask for it. A job interview as like a sale. This means you must ask for it. If your interview went alright, email the interviewer the next day, thanking him or her for the opportunity and stating that you would love a chance to contribute to the growth of the business unit.

Most people know this, but few do it. The key is the execution.”

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