Things About Business, A Game Of Chess Can Teach Us

Chess Is The Entrepreneur’s Game of Thrones

Things About Business, A Game Of Chess Can Teach Us
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Thanks to its essentially complicated nature, chess as a game is often avoided by people in general. Based on battle strategies, chess is a game that requires a lot of concentration and skill. It is a well-known fact that this game actually helps strengthen one’s brain. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the game of chess can be really helpful to learn businesses and corporate strategies.

Here are a few lessons that one can take away from playing chess and these are inevitably proven useful in business:


It is very important to develop a systematical foresight and be able to see several moves ahead in order to play chess. Obviously, that skill proves useful in any entrepreneurial enterprise- the better one is able to picture a forecast, the more chances of the business flourishing.

Doing Your Homework

A good chess player always studies the game and its moves for days, before any tournament. Preparation is key in the game; unregulated spontaneity has no place here. This habit comes in very handy in business as a well-prepared move always gives better results than one taken in the spur of the moment.

In business like in chess, results take time to show and one must learn to be patient
In business like in chess, results take time to show and one must learn to be patient

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One of the key reasons why chess is not widely popular among younger people is the slow pace of the game. Chess requires its players to be extremely patient- a quality that every businessman must strive to incorporate. In business, results take time to show and one must learn to keep up their motivation even during that period.

“The 2 best things out of many that chess teaches you are- Patience & Decision making.
While playing chess, you have to be patient & calm with your moves.
Decisions that we make while playing chess are what keep us in the game or out of it.” says Kamal Jeet, Marketing & Communication Manager, Duty Free Cafe & Duty Free Vayu Bar.

Risk Taking

In chess, often a player sacrifices a piece to gain a bigger result later in the game. This attitude is quite necessary for a business, when making an investment decision, to make sure that the return will be worth it.

Discipline Your Thoughts

Not only is chess slow in its pace but also requires the utmost attention of the player at all times to ensure victory. Hence chess players must learn to discipline their minds and thoughts and be able to concentrate for an elongated period of time. Business requires this skill as well. Chalking out strategies or dealing with newly arising issues can otherwise be very hard to handle for a mind that wanders off too quickly.

Just a degree in business is often times proven not good enough to succeed in the professional field. Practical skills are what one should value over bookish knowledge in business and that is what the game of chess can help one achieve to a large extent. After all, abiding by the rules of the game and yet being able to come up with creative moves is what sets both a chess player and a business apart.