How To Stay Focussed If You Are Multitasking

How to stay stress-free when working with different projects at the same time


Most jobs now involve working on multiple projects at the same time. You are a part of many teams, working on multiple deadlines and using multiples skills at the same time.

It can get stressful and it easier to lose focus in such a situation. So, how does one use one’s skills optimally, while remaining focussed on job?

Prioritising work

It is important to plan and schedule tasks to avoid overlaps and omissions. Instead of firefighting every day, it is better to work with a vision. Coordinate and group any compatible duties. For example, if you know you are going to need to answer phone calls at random intervals, work on another task that can be interrupted at any time. The best gift that Kevin Doyle gives Jane in “27 Dresses” is an electronic planner. And now we know why.

Defend your boundaries

Communicate your expectations and your DND zones. For instance, if you are working on a high priority task, out a message to your other teams that you will be unavailable for certain hours.

Focus on yourself

Don’t lose focus of your career goals. When exposed to experts, don’t forget to learn from them or upgrade your skills because that may matter more than the short-term goals and tasks.  Research shows that a critical determinant of learning is time spent reflecting on and integrating new information. This is a challenge, because multi-teaming forces us to jump between projects.

It has become more imperative in the fast-paced competition that we do not lose focus while multitasking.