Star YouTuber Prachi Agarwal’s Journey From MTV Roadies To SuperWOWStyle

Star YouTuber Prachi Agarwal’s Journey From MTV Roadies To SuperWOWStyle
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While most other beauty bloggers and vloggers on YouTube suggest ways to conceal and hide your the imperfections on your faces with the help of make-up, Prachi on the other hand believes in correcting them from the roots, by the use of organic products and DIYs from your kitchen. She believes in using minimal make-up and feels that if you have that radiance on your skin, and a confident smile, you would look beautiful even without heavy make-up. Apart from running two YouTube channels, SuperWOWStyle and Prachi pages, that deal with beauty tips, DIYs, product reviews, her personal experiences, unboxing of subscription boxes and other interesting stuff, she also runs a counseling episode named “Smile with Prachi” every Saturday at 11 AM on her channel SuperWOWStyle, and has changed lives of many for the better. Here’s what Prachi shared with, about her journey as a YouTuber.

Prachi had also been an important part of the Season 8 of the popular reality show MTV Roadies in 2011. When asked about how did the idea of starting a YouTube channel strike, she said, “Well it just happened, I guess. I was kinda going through a very depressing phase after my stint at the reality TV show, and one fine morning i just woke up thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have my own space on the world wide web?”

“I just needed to divert my mind from things. It took me a while to start feeling myself again, I mean for almost one year i didn’t even show my face on camera. But things started changing when I realized people liked my videos. Well, life really is about just going with the flow at times!” says Prachi with her characteristic charming smile.

Regarding her Smile with Prachi episodes, she says, “I was studying psychology back when I started the series. I have struggled with massive self esteem issues, depression and anxiety, since I was barely even 10.” That’s what prompted her to start a counseling session to help others like her. “Smile with Prachi is very very close to my heart. It allows me to justify my own struggles, by using it to help others.”

When asked about how she comes up with the solutions to people’s problems, she says, “Of course, I do get in touch with professionals I know from my psychology classes, for advice before I make the videos.”

When asked to share about one of the trickiest letters she got in her Smile with Prachi episodes, she says, “Letters are easier to handle since I can take my time to think. Once I got a call from a girl who was about to jump off the rooftop and commit suicide (i had shared my number on YouTube that time). She was like literally standing on the roof. After a few minutes of talking to her, I convinced her to get down. She went into therapy later and recently topped her exams. We are in regular touch now, and she makes me so proud!”

Prachi wishes to share a beautiful yet strong message with viewers regarding beauty, looks and relationships.

“You belong to a generation of educated women/ men, capable of forming informed decisions based on what you see and learn from the world outside. The only logical path is, to do what you like, and don’t worry about what the world says. Use your intelligence to bring about the change you want. Be it something as basic as your hair color choice or challenging the system.”

“Just as long as you aren’t harming yourself or anyone, LIVE. Be Happy!” says Prachi radiantly.

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