Why Some Solitude Is Important At Work

How to acquire the elusive solitude at work?

Why Some Solitude Is Important At Work

The Shifu master in the film ‘Kung Fu Panda’ insisted on the importance of inner peace. But this advice has become all the more important in the bustling distracted world of today’s office spaces. Where activity is equalled with work and where there is over emphasis on connecting with people, have we forgotten the importance of solitude and peace?

Inner peace and solitude are important at work.
Inner peace and solitude are important at work.

Solitude at works means being left alone at work, some time and space for introspection, organising your thoughts to improve your productivity and efficiency.

There is an implosion of information with technology. The quantum of information is mind-boggling as Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google in 2010 said, “Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003.”

Hence, focus, concentration and solitude are as necessary for fruitful productivity as networking and learning new skills.

So, how does one create solitude for oneself in a work space where people love music, coffee conversations and loud ruminations?

Schedule solitude in your routine

Treat like any other professional commitment. Fix timings and hours to give your self a dose of solitude during your daily schedule. If we spend our entire workday sitting in meetings and answering emails, it leaves little space in our minds to do the hard thinking that is essential to good decision making and leadership.

Introspect about your “busyness”

Analyse where you spend time, which activity utilises your time most inefficiently. This will help you to cut back on activities that are not really helpful for your professional and personal growth, such as constantly organising your desk, or duplicating entries in a ledger.

Remove the distractions

Starve yourself diligently of the social media. There are apps that lock Facebook during particular work hours. This can help you to focus better, and finish the task quicker, leaving some precious “me” time.

‘Not To Do’ list

While all emphasize on a To Do list, you can create a list of activities you need to stop doing, leaving yourself some more space for solitude. Having the discipline to step back from the noise of the world is essential to staying focused. This is even more important in a highly politicized society that constantly incites our emotions.

Solitude can work wonders for your efficiency and productivity at work. Just give yourself an opportunity for some solitary time.

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