Smart Ways To Use Meetings To Boost Your Work Image

Meetings are a good place to facilitate a great work image and credibility.

Smart Ways To Use Meetings To Boost Your Work Image

Inevitably meetings are a big part of work for most of us. Meetings are a professional stage—it’s where others see your leadership ability. How you get your point across, handle difficult questions, and facilitate a discussion speak volumes about your capacity.

But some if us like to take a backfoot in the meetings. We regress to our back-bencher days, and try to manoeuvre out of meetings with minimum interventions.

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So, how does one use the meeting to up the work image?

Be prepared

Coming prepared to meetings instantly puts yourself ahead of others, who go by spontaneity. Most of us know that if we want to build credibility, having our thoughts together ahead of time will help us to show up with confidence. However, we also have to factor in the dynamics of a meeting.

Make yourself heard early

The most vocal speakers establish the tone of the meeting. So, it is important to speak up in the initial phases of the meeting. This has the added benefit of being heard attentively, when all those present are not yet bored or drifted off.

Participate in the dialogue

Usually ideas fly in and out very fast. If someone else puts in the idea you had, you may lose the chance to be original. So, participate in the dialogue when an opportunity comes up.

Ask questions

One common criticism of meetings is that they have too much talking and not enough listening. You can set yourself apart, by agreeing to listen. Ask questions and hear the other person out.

With these work hacks, you can actually use the platform of meetings to build a credible work image.

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