Seven tips to ace a phone interview


Whether it is a first screening call from a recruitment consultant or a final closing round with a CXO, increasingly telephonic interviews are becoming commonplace; Phone interviews’ complexity ranges from as easy as gossiping with your bestie to as challenging as explaining your pick-up location to Uber driver.
Here are a few tips to ace phone interview:

Get ready

From being on time to receive the call to finding a quiet location which also has good reception; do it all a few minutes ahead of time. Scrambling to find a room after receiving the call may project you as unorganized.


Bio break

Do take a look break before the call and never during one! The other person can sense it and it’s gross.

The obvious

Have your CV opened in front of you; more often, you’ll be asked questions from your own CV. It is lousy to stammer or say ‘ah’ & ‘uhm’ when trying to answer something from your CV.


Our mind wanders a lot while we are on phone, some people even feel fidgety and start doodling; but during a phone interview, it is best to have a notepad and pen in front of you and jot down keywords and points; this will help you listen effectively.

React vs Respond

We are often in a hurry to react to what we heard but what is warranted in an interview is a response. Hear the interviewers’ questions or remarks carefully, take a second or two of pause to process and then respond with a suitable answer. There’s no prize of fastest finger first here, so be calm.

As questions

Don’t ever make the interview a one way street where you only answered questions you were asked. Candidates asking meaningful and relevant questions during interview come across as ‘interested’ in the job/company.


Do read about the employer and perhaps look up on LinkedIn about the person who’ll be interviewing you. It is good to be thoroughly informed and being contextually ready to convert a mere Q&A type of call to a discussion. Candidates who connect at a deeper level have higher chances of going further.