Is Your Resilience Seen As Stubbornness At Your Workplace?

How to figure out if you are resilient or plain stubborn?

Is Your Resilience Seen As Stubbornness At Your Workplace?

A young aspiring Writer from Mumbai once goes to her Editor and says “Sir, I wish to rebrand our magazine’s image and want to make it a more serious story publisher from glossy glamour and gossip stories. Everybody is in the rut race to cover who is wearing what, who was spotted where with whom. I agree people like to read such stories. But there are people who like to read real business of the glam world also. No one has explored this arena. Why not concentrate on it and make a one-stop destination for the niche audience?”

A very kind at heart person, (almost too good to be a boss) her Editor, was anyway facing a not-so-good growth in his business and so decides to encourage the girl to try. He gives her full freedom, and does not hesitate to agree with the girl’s new “strategy”.

Sadly, the girl fails. She again goes back to her Editor and says “Sir, I want to try again.” The Editor, understanding the challenges she has picked up on the young shoulders, is again willing to encourage her. With full gusto and positivity, she tries and once again fails. Of course, she was disappointed. With a little hesitance, she goes back to the Editor and asks for permission to try once again.

The Editor, who is also the owner of the magazine, is now a bit concerned. He turns to his investor and seeks their advice. It came as no surprise when everyone said – These attempts are enough. Let’s not tamper more with the image of the magazine, it is not possible to achieve what she wants to. We are wasting our time.

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The Editor tells the girl of this. She says, “Sir, I know we can do it. I just need one more try. Maybe a helping hand will work. Can we hire one intern with us and then put our best again?” He says, “You are being stubborn, don’t you think so?” However, looking at her sad face (remember I said he was kind at heart?), he gave her the last chance. The girl goes ahead, hunts an intern to help her and puts in a fight. Only she is not surprised when that year the magazine gets the highest amount of readers. The investors, who till then called her stubborn and the Editor a fool – now realized that she was resilient!

So, what did we learn from this?

– It’s in the end result where you know if you are resilient or just a stubborn.

– But at the same time, in the course, you must believe in what you are doing, accepting your faults and most importantly learn from your mistakes.

– Ego and grudges will definitely not take you anywhere, forget tasting the success.

– Also remember, you become a hero only when you succeed, but if after failing number of times you don’t figure out the reason why you failed, there’s the stubbornness, which is the cause.

-Don’t be a stubborn to prove your point, it will not lead to a happy ending.

‘Coz someone, rightly said, “Genius is someone who knows when to put a full stop.”

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