Reduce Stress At Work With This One Simple Trick

If you do not have someone to confide your stress at work, do not worry. There is a better solution.


While talking to one self is considered a sign of craziness, and some may advice a visit to a psychiatrist, it is in fact, very helpful to reduce anxiety under work pressure.

Remember how Indiana Jones talks to himself at the mouth of Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark or how Shelby relived his dark history by taking to himself in Christopher Nolan’s Memento? While these were mere scenes from a movie, they may be actually correct in helping the protagonist.

Talking to oneself is very helpful to get some emotional distance from a problem, especially if you talk in third person. Experiments led by Jason Moser and Andy Henion from The Michigan State University found that silently talking to yourself in third person helps in controlling emotions during stressful time. It is better than the usual tendency to talk to one self in first person.

So instead of thinking, “why am I upset?”, think “why is Priya upset?” (that is if you are Priya). This helps to distance the problem and get in some objectivity. This helps problem solving and reduces the stress level. You start thinking of yourself as you would think of others, and this existential distance helps to control emotional responses.

(Image credits: santabanta, pinterest)

So, next time when you are upset about some work situation, give yourself some space. Get some distance and think from a third person perspective.