Ready For A Promotion? How Do You Tell Your Boss About It?

Here’s what you should do if you feel you can climb the ladder

Ready For A Promotion? How Do You Tell Your Boss About It?
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You have been doing a great job at work. Your appraisal is around the corner. You have heard something about a position opening up at the next level. And you strongly feel that it should be you. But how do you tell your boss that you are ready for this?

Understanding Expectation

The first step is to objectively consider what would be the organisation’s expectations. Anuj Roy, Managing Partner at Fidius Advisory, suggests, “Before demanding a promotion, you should understand what would be the expectations of the new position. If you feel you already have those skills and competencies, then you should highlight situations and incidents where you have demonstrated those capabilities.”

Many large organisations also have strict rules about being qualifications and experience for certain promotions. It is these factors you should consider to judge your eligibility for the promotion.

Vinayak Garg, CEO & Founder of Zest.Md, suggests, “You have to find out what are the rules for promotion. And if you don’t fall within their ambit, then you should see whether there have been precedents of exceptions. Usually, there is little flexibility about these rules in large organisations.”

Before going to your boss to speak about it, you must be prepared with your points and arguments beforehand. Aditya Mishra, Director and CEO of CIEL HR Services, suggests, “You must have a track record of performance to back up your claims of moving up the ladder. Above all, consistent demonstration of the desired behaviours is essential to be seen aligned with organization’s values and beliefs.”

Showcasing The Necessary Skills

You should begin talking about your expectation of a promotion with your immediate seniors. And let the matter come up gradually. For instance, you can ask your boss about what you should be doing for a promotion, instead of considering it as an entitlement.

Vinayak asserts, “You should be able to showcase certain skills. And more than personal skills, promotions often require ability to manage uncertainties and manage people. Once you will be promoted, it is logical that you will be dealing with more people. Stepping up to resolve problems is a necessity. For instance, if you hear the customer care person struggling, and if you step up to help him even if it is not your job, then it shows you are someone who believes in resolving problems.”

Vinayak Garg asserts that you have to set the right tone when speaking to your boss
Vinayak Garg asserts that you have to set the right tone when speaking to your boss

Setting The Right Tone

You have to understand why you are demanding a promotion. This helps in streamlining the conversation with your boss. Vinayak adds, “Either people want a promotion for the salary, designation or work roles. You have to be clear about why you feel you deserve a promotion. If a company promotes and gives you a pay raise, they will expect an equal contribution and commitment from you. Hence it is important to lead the conversation in the right tone, by suggesting how you can contribute, instead of leading by saying why you deserve a promotion.”

Understanding organisational expectations and showing your boss that you can contribute towards the company goals works better than demanding a promotion as an entitlement.