Offices With The Best Views

On Skyscraper Day, we look at some amazing office views.

Offices With The Best View

While we stare at our boring desks and windows with a view of only political hoardings, we can always aspire to work in offices with some amazing views. Whether overlooking the Marine Drive in Mumbai, or the Hoogly in Kolkata, or the Connaught Place in New Delhi, some offices hold dream jobs only for the views they behold.

Here are some offices with the best views.

BSE, Mumbai

The office overlooks the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea beyond.

BSE Mumbai

UB City, Bangalore

This is the biggest luxury project in Bangalore. It overlooks the panorama of the Central Business District.

UB City Bangalore

World Trade Center, New York

You can see the pulsating city and the Manhattan bridge from here. In the evening, the lights will remind you of an opening scene from a Christopher Nolan movie.

World Trade Center New York

Paris Bourse, Paris

Offices here overlook the spread out of a feast for the eyes, till the Eiffel Tower. You can see what Ernest Hemingway call the “Moveable Feast”.

Paris - Bourse Paris

Shangai Tower, Shangai

With architectural wonders and a spiraling river, the view from this office is a reminder of the emerging world power.

Shangai Tower

These offices offer the best views. So check out your office view before picking the next job.