Mosaic, A Coworking Space Exclusively For People Who Want To Work Happily

Mosaic is India’s first premium wellness-oriented co-working space

Mosaic, A Coworking Space Exclusively For People Who Want To Work Happily

This is a utopia for entrepreneurs and startups. Not only do the founders, two of whom are investment bankers, believe in providing the right guidance to startups, but they also provide a great environment where working is fun. No wonder Mosaic is a place where you can look forward to your work, and Mondays are as happy as a weekend.

With a guitarist to play your music requests, a masseuse and a yoga centre, Mosaic is a paradise for the professional.

Mosaic is a paradise that creates space for working happily

Speaking to Mr. Gokul Das, the CEO and one of the founders at Mosaic, one feels that this is the future of working places in India. He says, “The inspiration for Mosaic came as all the founders have studied and worked abroad. We knew the difference between a happy office and a stressed office. We wanted to create a space where you can look forward to work. So, we tried to replicate the wellness factor that we experienced outside. We cross-pollinated some of the ideas.”

India has seen a large splurge in coworking spaces. But Mosaic is different than any other co-working space. Mr. Das says, “We wanted to create a place that touches your mind, body and soul. There has to be a happiness quotient to work. Not only is the look and feel at Mosaic different. But we are India’s first premium wellness-oriented co-working space. It has a Zen-like environment with oxygen rich plants and large windows to allow plenty of sunlight. The state-of-the-art facility provides a relaxing environment with open spaces and ergonomically designed seating, well-equipped conference room, a relaxing lounge area and a library. Story telling sessions at the library encapsulate books, and these provide a life-changing perspective to the listeners.”

Mosaic is designed ergonomically and ecologically
Mosaic is designed ergonomically and ecologically

Mosaic also has wellness classes like the Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga and meditation classes (Isha Foundation), Grandmaster Carlton Hill’s Tai Chi, Zumba and in-house professional masseuse for a de-stressing massage.

But Why The Emphasis On Wellness?

Mr. Das states, “Oxford reports have mentioned that 46% of Indian workers suffer from some form of stress. Workplace stress hampers productivity in a huge way. Wellness can create happy work. Basically, if you look forward to coming to work, you are bound to do well.”

Mosaic believes in reducing work stress to create wellness

Mosaic also collaborates with accelerators. Mr. Das says, “Write from basics like giving a proper PPT to concerns like branding and mind mapping, we mentor startups in many ways. We also support women entrepreneurs. It is not only about partnering with members and hand-holding startups, it is about investing in them and helping them achieve the next level.”

Coworking spaces have increasingly replaced conventional offices in India. Mr. Das says that about 2020, they will replace traditional offices to a large extent. He adds, “Coworking spaces directly affect the bottom line of startups by being cost-effective. The entrepreneurs can concentrate on important aspects like acquiring the right talent pool as issues like logistics and other basics are taken care of.”

Mosaic provide fruitful mentoring to many startups

Being one-of-its-kind coworking space in India, Mosaic is presently running at cent percent occupancy. But it hopes to expand and create five more centres by next year. But they don’t want to expand by diluting their core standards of quality and beliefs. Mr. Das says, “ If at all, we want to deliver more at these new centres.”

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