Meet The Man Who Makes You Play While Teaching Innovation And Digital Transformation

Meet Avinash Jhangiani, Founder & CEO Of Play2Transform


Avinash Jhangiani, Founder & CEO of Play2Transform Group spoke to HFT about his inspiring story on new beginnings and making success work every time.

After a career spanning 20 years, 8 cities globally, more than 40 clients across industries, and 3 career changes from technology consulting to digital marketing to design thinking & innovation consulting he realized that the only way to stay relevant is to by continuously disrupt yourself.

His newest venture is another disruption in the old game, and an innovation in the field. The mission of the Play2Transform Group is to disrupt learning using play as a catalyst. The simple mantra of “PLAY seriously. THINK design. TRANSFORM business” changes the way knowledge is delivered and problems are solved, both for business as well as the education ecosystem.

Avinash says, “We offer playful workshops (PLAYSHOP) and consulting services that shifts mindset, breaks silos and fosters a culture of innovation, agility and collaboration in the ever-changing landscape of exponential technologies. Leading cultural change by design is necessary for Digital Transformation and Innovation, specifically to radically improve customer experience, marketing, sales and operations.”

But what about the challenges he faced in making a product different from others? What was the competition and how did he overcome it?

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“What differentiates us from any other design thinking, L&D or training firm is our diverse backgrounds in design, new technology, psychology, education, marketing and innovation. We apply the design thinking process, toy with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and tinker with DIY Electronics to cultivate unconventional creativity necessary for the new digital age. While we use new technologies to enable innovation, we also inspire using universal truths such as Vedic mathematics and Golden Proportions.”

Play2Transform is helping the entire ecosystem of schools, colleges, startups, large businesses, and social initiatives in this journey of transforming the way we learn and build skillsets for the 21st century.

Avinash thinks that Innovation is the most important ingredient. And here is aptly why.

We believe that even as an adult, one can and must think like a child to innovate and achieve new, sustainable outcomes in the 21st century – a time when ideas are your only currency! We must shift “from the old school of scalable efficiency to the new era of sustainable creativity” to stay relevant in the new digital age.

Today, while the growing need to survive in the rapidly evolving consumer-led landscape is forcing companies to think and innovate like start-ups, there is too much talk and not much action. Change is slow as usual and we face severe under-employment, according to NITI Aayog.

There lies a significant opportunity in cultural transformation. We need to find ways to ignite creativity, build agility and collaborate better, along with leveraging digital technologies to scale up transformation. Also, we know now that what works in the US or EU may not necessarily work in India, so there is no proven method that can be used as a reference. The India ecosystem of schools, colleges, government and businesses are still struggling to find ‘harmony in this chaos’.

Even with Innovation, it is people who are more important than technology. According to him, “Digital transformation is about people, not about technology.The design-driven CEO needs to be the ambassador of transformation and bring technology, culture and business together. This is what future-ready firms do!”

“Today’s top innovative brands like Uber, Apple, Ford, Starbucks are consumer-obsessed companies with a relentless focus on design, technology and fail-fast culture to succeed at innovation. But in India, we struggle and how!”

So, how did Play2Transform overcome this challenge?

We struggle because “Play” and “Work” seem paradoxical.While growing up, we were clearly told that work was serious and play was fun. Avinash Jhangiani quotes George Barnard Shaw when he says, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

So, by continuing to play like a child, but with the necessary seriousness, we can adopt innovation. Research shows that when we think with our hands and listen with our eyes, we discover a new world to be explored, untap creativity to make a difference and find purpose for ourselves.

In an AI-driven future, it is evident that fostering a creative, collaborative culture at not only the workplace but also in our education system can help us stay relevant and innovate in the 21st century.

Keeping the inner child alive seems to be the right way to remain relevant as an adult.

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