Meet Khyati Manish Mahajan, CEO, And Founder Of Mevofit

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of someone who actually creates and brings these apps to us?

Meet Khyati Manish Mahajan, CEO, And Founder Of Mevofit
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In our rush to get fit, lose some weight and stay motivated to keep exercising, we often use some or the other fitness app, and quite possible that you too have tried out one or at least thought of using.

Khyati Manish Mahajan, CEO and Founder of Mevofit, tells us just that as she takes us through her journey.

A passion for fitness that started at an early age
A passion for fitness that started at an early age

As a child, were you always into fitness? When did the fitness bug hit you?

Though health and fitness have been my interests from a very young age, the fitness bug mainly hit me when I started college.

What do you do for your personal fitness?

I like to practice yoga and sweat it out at the gym to stay fit.

We already have quite a few other fitness bands and apps in the market today – what makes yours different?

Our aim is to build and connect an entire fitness ecosystem where the fitness industry, as well as the users, can gain from the combined expertise, services, technologies and products on board. So, in effect, we are not just about a Fitness app or a Merchandise brand, but we provide a wholesome experience to users. Users have a variety of options, such as an exciting mix of rewards based Fitness apps, including one comprehensive app plus a series of individual feature focused apps, as well as sports and fitness gear. The B2B and B2C service based platforms for businesses and users will be coming up soon.

What amount of research did you carry out before launching the product (app and band)?

Being an avid fitness follower myself, I tried out various apps available and found some of them quite interesting. After using them for a while I reached a point of fatigue where I had to use over 5 apps because of the different features they offered. I had no way to sync all the fragmented data from these apps at one place. It became very overwhelming and boring. Soon it stopped making sense; I felt discouraged and eventually stopped using them. Professionally, I have been fortunate to be part of an app development business. I am well equipped in dealing with user experiences, interests, behaviors, challenges, app designs and flows. All these, coupled with a rich know-how of working on complex and advanced apps for various consumers and enterprises combined with my extreme frustration from my experience with the fitness apps forced me to throw in the towel. I
determined to solve this problem once and for all, not just for me but for everyone, to create a better, healthier and fitter society.

For anyone who wants to launch a fitness product in the market, what are some of the tips you would like to share?

Try to solve the problems that are being faced by users and develop an innovative product if you want to actually get a name in the fitness product market. Also, focus on quality over quantity.

Who all can use and benefit from this fitness band?

Anyone who has fitness goals and wants to stay active can benefit from MevoFit Fitness Trackers. It is suitable for kids, men and women as there are lot of color and model options available.

Top fitness apps that you personally like to use and would recommend others to check out too?

Lifesum and Lose it!

Your app is all about encouraging people to stay fit – how are you motivating them to get out and get fit?

These days, technology rules the market and we are trying to tap the interest area of the users. Mobile technology can be put to use and can motivate people to engage in workouts and healthy activities. Through our apps and fitness bands, we are trying to motivate people to stay active and we reward them with credits. The apps and fitness bands keep reminding the users to stay fit.

If staying fit or even helping others stay fit is something that interests you, this could surely help.