Here Are A Few Way To Make Your Part Time Job Successful

Simple strategies for winning when you don’t have a full time job

Here Are A Few Way To Make Your Part Time Job Successful

Most people choose a part-time job to handle other priorities like an MBA or a family. But often a part-time job creates as many problems as it solves.

In the best-case scenario, many part-timers end up working more hours than they intended. In the worst case, they see their importance to their organizations slowly but surely fade away.

Most organisations look to part-time workers with disdain as one more concern to resolve. And most organisations have little in the way of established rules and procedures to deal with part-timers. But now with Uberisation of work force, the scenario is changing. There is a lot of scope to do well professionally even if you are a part-timer.

So, here are some strategies to be successful at your part-time work.

Clarity of goals

Making your priorities and work schedule clear to yourself and the organisation works best. Your near and dear ones should know of your work schedule, and your organisation should be informed of your career goals. Most often, people take up part time job to either learn a new skill or to create additional income; either ways, having clarity on what you need to achieve will help you stay focused.

Establish routine

This helps to avoid overload of work. If you are meant to work five hours, you need to ensure that work is not carries beyond the schedule. This may seem a mere tactic, but it has strategic advantage as it will sustain the work longer without undue pressure on yourself. When you have a part time job, it is easy to fall prey for distractions, say a cricket match is playing on TV and you are tempted to make room for watching it, just ask yourself, would you bunk a full time office job to watch this match?

Seek support

Cultivate a rapport with the seniors, so they are aware of your contribution in meetings and appraisal when you are absent. You also need to keep the colleagues informed that despite the part-time status, your work cannot be ignored and that you are in the same game as they are.

So, while you have to avoid creating resentment among the full-time workers, you also have to avoid being on the defensive for the part-time status. As long as you are clear about the priorities, and maintain clarity regarding the same, you can be successful at part-time work too.

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