Keep One Step Ahead Of Your Job Role Or You’ll Land Up Being A Postman Uncle!

How to be in competition with yourself!


They were one of the most awaited persons in several homes, until a decade ago. Stuffing letters, greeting cards and other parcels in their tiny sack bag, Postman uncles used to pedal their bicycles for kilometers braving rain and scorching heat to distribute them.

In fact, in remote villages in our country, they were the only link to get connected to the outside world. But, when handwritten letters and greeting cards gave way to e-mail and e-cards and mobile phones and faxes became the major tools of communication, Postman uncles have now become a ‘carrier’ of sorts of some printed bundles now.

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Have you given a thought on this – that a decade after, may be you could be on that side too?

We are living in a competitive job market, where training and skill upgradation plays a key role in enhancing your career prospects. Upgrading your skills could be just improving your on-the-job performance or it could be applying for a rewarding opportunity as well. What matters is – are you on track?

Keep one step ahead of technologies:

Take the example of postman uncles. The overflow of greetings cards used to even forced them to skip their meals during Diwalis and New Years. They did their job with utmost sincerity and hardwork. But, since the technology came in picture, they weren’t prepared for it.

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Lesson to take from this for youngsters like us would be – let’s be prepared for technologies of tomorrow. It will only boost the scope of your career in a competitive job market.

When you decide to say ‘Yes’ to new things, you also need to determine your goals. Setting clear goals for your transformation would make your journey easy.

So, you might be in postman uncle’s place a decade later if you don’t upgrade yourself in whatever profession you are in.