Is Your Over-Friendliness Hampering Your Image At Work?

Where to draw the line between being professional and friendly with your co-workers?

Is Your Over-Friendliness Hampering Your Image At Work?
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We all have bad habits and it often gets a little tough to ignore them at the workplace. You might be a procrastinator, or a gossip-monger, or whatever it be, it doesn’t make you a bad or a negative person. However, in the workplace, these habits can hamper your growth and can even cost your job! The cumulative effect of such behavior can be really impeding for your job. Over-friendliness is one of such bad habits that might get against you soon. So, in such a case, what should you do? Let’s have a look:

Be A Professional

Even when it’s been quite a few years at work and you have made a few good friends in office; make sure that you keep your friendliness off your office hours. Do not take office hours so lightly. Do your work with the utmost professionalism and mind your deliverables. Once the office hours are over, you can always chill with your colleagues turned friends outside.

Do Not Get Personal

Friendliness often comes with the tag of getting personal. However, at work, it’s a big no-no! You should never ever ask your colleagues any personal questions. For example, inquiring about anyone’s sexual orientation at work is getting way too personal. If someone wants to share it with you, they would do it themselves.

Do Not Go Out Of Your Work Schedule

Know when it is time to work and when it is time to indulge in talks not related to work
Know when it is time to work and when it is time to indulge in talks not related to work

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You might be a fast worker and your friend at work might be lacking behind. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would always help them with work. Getting their work done once or twice is okay, that too when the situations are strict. But if you keep doing the same every single day, it might pose a bad image of yours in front of others. Always remember, you are getting paid for the work you do for yourself, not for others.

Do Not Brag Too Much

It’s okay to share stuff that’s going on in your life with your colleagues. However, you need not to tell them each and everything that’s happening in your life. Suppose, you have got a new puppy or your baby just said ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ for the very first time! You are eager to tell your colleagues about the same. But never ever break the news in the middle of something. They might be working and might not be in a mood to discuss such stuff with you. So, wait for the right time and moment.

Once you start following the above-mentioned points, you will see a change in the office environment. If people were not taking you too seriously at work, they would start now. Just remember the trick to keep your personal life separate from your professional life and you are already a step ahead in your career path!