How Vikas Kherajani Made Every Woman’s Khwaab A Reality

The man who is making luxury clothing affordable for every woman’s wardrobe

How Vikas Kherajani Made Every Woman’s Khwaab A Reality

Imagine you’re at an elaborate party and a beautiful woman walks in draped in a luxurious gown or dress. Would you turn your head and look once? Do you think the dress would catch your attention, even for once?

You may love shopping for clothes, and love checking out what celebrities wear on their red carpet outings. Seems so out of reach because of the expensive price tag, right?

But what if this dream of owning a luxury piece like that comes true?

Meet Vikas Kherajani, the Founder of Khwaab, the man who has fashion in his heart and fabrics running through his veins. Started in 2010, the House of Khwaab aims to create that red carpet look both on and off the runway, making it available for celebrities as well as the everyday girl and fashionista. Whether it’s a designer saree you saw in Bollywood or a prom gown in the Hollywood fashion, Khwaab brings it to you, in a price tag that will make you want to grab more!

The man responsible for starting this Khwaab gives a rundown on what started his journey and what life and work is like.

What is your earliest memory of any type of fabric or piece of clothing that really captivated you?

It was during the summer vacations. I was just 10 years old and I clearly remember dad bought a roll of shirting (he was dealing in shirting during those days) that had to be delivered somewhere. While my cousins barely noticed it, I was simply captivated by the idea that shirts come out of the very same piece of cloth! I still remember the colour – what we call buttermilk yellow today.

Choosing your passion over education can be a deadly experience in an Indian family – how did that go for you?

Well I was very lucky I must say. I hated my books, but my love for what dad was doing in office sort of compensated it for my parents. I still remember how my sister was always chided for not taking her studies seriously while I barely experienced that!

I started with men’s wear, but my heart lay in designing women’s wear
I started with men’s wear, but my heart lay in designing women’s wear

What was your first official initiation in the world of fabric? Do you remember the first or initial days of work?

Of course I remember it! It was my first step into my ‘dream’ world, if I can put it that way. In terms of initial initiation, I remember how my dad used to teach me about fabric processing. I was in 10th standard when I had my first visit to a fabric dying mill. My learning began in the menswear domain, but I was interested in learning about women’s wear. My father happily agreed, and that’s when I started working on salwar kameez fabrics. I can’t call it the beginning of Khwaab, but it definitely was my baby step towards it.

When did the thought of starting your own creative brand start taking shape?

Soon after college.

Your brand is called Khwaab – does it signify the dream you had of starting your own brand, or is it your passion for fabrics – what’s behind the name Khwaab?

My dad has really struggled a lot to put us where we are. He moved from Mumbai to Dubai for work, stayed away from family for years, faced problems, and moved back to Surat with absolutely nothing left. He built back his empire from scratch because he had the courage to dream for what he desired. I decided to follow the same steps – building my dream of turning into reality every woman’s dream wardrobe! What could be a better name for my label than Khwaab, right?

You are bringing high class fashion and elegance within every woman’s reach – was this a conscious choice?

From Christian Dior to Ralph Lauren, everyone had their share of impact on me. All I wanted was to ensure that every woman has her own share of Vogue in her wardrobe! So yes, it was a conscious choice.

Who was your first muse?

As clichéd as it gets, mom it is!

Remember the experience of seeing your first creation come to life?


Any two people you would like to adopt under your style sensibility and completely change the way they dress?

I don’t believe in changing anyone’s style coz fashion is subjective and has no boundaries. However, I would have loved to work with Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe – the frills, the a-lines, the cherry prints! Everything seems too fabulous and I would have loved to have re-experimented with all of them in the ‘Khwaab way’! Back home, Aditi Rao Hydari would be the undoubted choice. I’ve already worked with Shraddha Kapoor. She’s definitely the second pick.

What are some of the things you would advice someone who wants to get into the world of fabrics and styling/designing?

Go ahead and do it coz we have no rules in the world of fashion. Go crazy and the industry will recognize you even more.

How’s a typical work day?

Lots of running around, even more phone calls!

How do you de-stress?

Would it be weird if I say I de-stress by going through what the competitors are up to?

Any style that you wish would come back again or one that you feel gets buried forever?

For me, no style is ever dead. History repeats fashion with a few modifications!

If you love high class fashion, maybe you could check out Khwaab and find which of their creations is your dream look come alive!