How To Understand A Company’s Culture Before You Join

Are you the right fit for the work culture? How to know before you say yes to the job?

How To Understand A Company's Culture Before You Join

After you have done your research about the company’s profile, its standing in the commercial market, its viability, and such other requirements, and after you have cleared the interview to get the job, you might want to know about the work culture before you give the final assent.

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During the interview process, you had a singular goal. And that was to get the job. But once you have it, you need to assess whether the job and organization are a good fit. After all, you’ve probably been in your potential new office only a handful of times and met potential colleagues when everyone was on their best behaviour.

In the film 'The Social Network', interns were invited to a pool party.
In the film ‘The Social Network’, interns were invited to a pool party.

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So, how do you judge the work culture before you join?

Speak to your potential colleagues

Get to know the coworkers with whom you’ll form your key working relationships. Just have a casual conversation regarding what they are working on the moment, and what they hope to achieve in the project. Their answers might hold the key about the nature of goal-setting by the boss.

Connect with the boss

Get to know your boss a little if possible. Particularly at startups or small, private, family-owned companies, employees who don’t get along with their managers are as good as dead. Understand what makes the person click or tick off.

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Network with people outside the company

You can speak to former employees on their reasons for leaving the job. You could also network with others who know the company, such as consultants, auditors, lawyers, contractors, and suppliers.

Introspection always helps

Once you have all the information, it’s time to do some soul-searching. Think about whether the organization is a place where you will thrive and be challenged. You may never have all the information. So, it may come down to your instincts.

These work hacks could save you some regrets as it is better to understand the work culture before you join.

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