How To Turn A Boring Presentation Into Something Interesting

Even if data-heavy and full of jargon, your presentation can still be fun

How To Turn A Boring Presentation Into Something Interesting
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As much as you hate attending boring meetings, so much must be your disdain when you yourself have to give data- heavy and statistically moulded presentations at work. Status reports, project reviews, or even operational details of the team are often dull and boring. But you may have to do cover these topics at weekly or monthly meetings because they are a part of work.

Remember the presentations by Ranbir Kapoor in the film ‘Tamasha’? He was so frustrated with giving irrelevant and jargon filled PPTs, that he started mixing weird sentences just to vent his anger.

Ranbir Kapoor gets frustrated after giving routine, jargon filled presentations
Ranbir Kapoor gets frustrated after giving routine, jargon filled presentations

Image Credit: Movie – Tamasha

But there can be better ways to make boring presentations more interesting. Here is how?

Replace plain data with images

Visuals speak more than data, and are also able to hold onto viewer’s attention. If you’re worried your presentation is going to be boring because it’s heavy on numbers, try using imagery to describe the data. Numbers can become dull if you don’t give enough context about what they all mean and amount to. Unless you make the data concrete, your audience will start to zone out. Like the weatherman on TV, using imagery helps to present data in a relevant context.

Less is more when presenting data
Less is more when presenting data

Image Credit: recode

Don’t be just the messenger

Add your POV to the presentation. The surest way to wreck an already boring presentation is to just be the messenger, delivering data or giving an update. As Mitch Little, author of the book ‘Shiftability’, says matching your ideas to your listeners’ needsis important. They will trust you when they see you as a partner whose opinion they value, who helps them see things they might have missed. So, moving beyond a messenger state, to having your original POV is essential.

Make the presentation relevant

Sometimes the reason your presentation is so dull is because there’s not much numerical change since the last time you presented. Then the answer is to just add more context around the latest figures. Let’s say your organization’s market share was the same from the first quarter to the second quarter. To make your presentation more interesting, you could discuss some of the outside factors that were at play.

With these methods, you can make a dull data-driven presentation into an interesting experience.

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