How To Style Your Jewellery For An Interview

The first impression is the last impression as they say!

How To Style Your Jewellery For An Interview
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By Prernaa Makhariaa

It’s said that a woman’s appearance ranks number 3 in the selection process compared to a man, where it is ranked at number 9. Like it or not, more than often you are judged by how you look, how you carry yourself or how your dress!

The First Impression

Women and men wearing jewellery to work has been an age-old tradition with a noticeable transformation in trends and styles over the years. One wrong move could blow your chances away. Follow these simple workwear jewellery tricks that are just right to make an impressive interview.

Why Should Women Have All The Fun!

When it comes to jewellery, women seem to be getting all the attention. Men have slowly carved themselves a niche that is not going unnoticed.

For all the engaged or married men, keep it simple by wearing your engagement or wedding ring.

Although a classic choice, a humble cufflink is making a comeback. A minimalistic pair of cufflinks is the perfect accessory to make a professional statement while climbing the corporate ladder.


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Ditch the accessories, a well-fitted wristwatch may do the job, keeping the attention to the subject and delivering the right message even if your company has a no jewelry policy.

In India, by far most women love adorning jewellery be it a wedding, festival, occasion or to work! While the Gems and Jewellery sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing around 7 % of the country’s GDP and 15.71 % to India’s total merchandise exports (info source: GJEPC), applying for a job is the last place one would want to show off their flashy jewels no matter how wealthy they are!!!

Keep It Simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Steve Jobs
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Steve Jobs

In many of my articles, you will read this quote repeatedly as I firmly believe in it. Be it an Indian saree, a salwar kameez, a dress or a formal suit there’s always a piece of jewelry to complement in every setting.

Focus On Yourself

  • The focus should be on you and not on what you are wearing. Unless you are applying for a profile in the fashion, jewellery or glamour industry, you may want to add on a piece or 2 extra, yet keeping the look simple and not going overboard.
  • The safest bet is to wear a delicate pendant with either small earrings or a ring.
  • Pendants or earrings with small diamonds or muted gemstones could be worn.
  • Pearls never go out of style; just like Breakfast At Tiffany’s, their eternal charm comes to life when worn. Pick pearls set with diamonds to add a little sparkle and allure to liven up your corporate look with blazers and suits.
  • A wristwatch without embellishments is definitely a great accessory to wear.
  • Wear precious metals! Your jewellery may be less but precious metals will speak sophistication.
  • When wearing plain gold jewellery, opt for dainty chains or a simple necklace.
  • A bracelet or bangle works well for an office environment.

Avoid Distraction; Remember The Focus Is You!

  • Elaborate and flashy jewellery will be an attention seeker and might distract the interviewer from what you are talking.
  • In a face to face interview or an online interview the focus is the face and you, so avoid bold, textured or whimsical jewellery.
  • Keep the stackable, clustered or layered jewellery for another occasion.
  • Jewellery that signifies anything religious, political, is made of plastic, threads or is funky is a big NO!
  • Large pendants, bold and colorful gemstones should be avoided.

Much as we love jewellery, it’s better to walk into an interview with simple and bare minimum when it comes to jewellery, unless of course, you want to end up looking like Bappi Lahiri!

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