How To Serve Out Your Notice Period Gracefully?

How to remain professional, even when your colleagues compel awkwardness during the notice period.

How To Serve Out Your Notice Period Gracefully?
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You have finally landed your dream job, and it is time to bid the current organisation a farewell. You have prepared yourself, spoken to the boss, and sent out the mail with the letter of resignation. And now it is time to wait out your notice period.

While it might be tempting to spend the time on social media, or shop online for a wardrobe for your new job, the mature and professional thing to do would be to remain diligent and graceful through the notice period. Some of us might even face awkward or conflict-ridden conversations with the colleague, who was waiting for your way out, or who might think it is a good time to display vengeance. But instead of bowing to the awkwardness, it is better to take the professional high ground, and leave with a good impression.

So, how do you remain professional and graceful during the last few weeks at your current organisation?

Complete Your Due Assignments

Chirag Gupta, Copywriter at SRV Media, says, “Focus on completing tasks that will not leave the team in a lurch when you leave. If you are leaving with a justiciable explanation to your manager, then it is important that you maintain good relations with the team and the boss.” It is important to remain a good team player, as this will leave a good impression with your colleagues and seniors. And this can be very important, especially in today’s world when you never know which connections might prove helpful in the future.

It is important to remain professional and a good team mate, even when you are going to leave
It is important to remain professional and a good team mate, even when you are going to leave

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Stay Calm Under Conflict

Giving notice can be especially difficult if you and your immediate senior or the manager don’t share a great relationship. Then they may find it a good time to worsen things for you. But instead of getting into a fiery repartee, it is better to concentrate on completing your work. It might be too late to reverse the rapport, or justify your performance. But it might be graceful not to worsen the situation, or make it more awkward.

Remain Graceful If You Are Asked To Leave Immediately

Sometime it may happen that you are asked to pack up and leave immediately. If this happens, it can get a little jarring. But the best thing is not to take it personally. Just clarify whether you would be paid for the notice period, and walk away without a confrontation, as that would not really smoothen the situation.

Gupta says that it is important to continue performing diligently, and remain graceful in face of awkwardness or vengeance. This could be the best approaches to follow while you are serving the notice period at work.