How To Power Through Friday At Work Before An Exciting Weekend

Here’s how you can find Friday motivation at work

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After having worked through long hours in a week, Friday can be the weakest moment. The weekend is just around the corner. Facebook and WhatsApp groups are buzzing with plans. And you are ready for a great weekend ahead. But the Friday stands like a monster between you and the Great Escape.

You have to get through work before you can exclaim TGIF! So, how do you remain motivated and focussed at work?

Plan Well

Sumeer Handoo, General Manager at DDB Mudra Max, says, “The trick is to cheat your mind that you are excited about the work. On Friday, begin the work an hour early, and focus on completing as much work as you would before a month-long vacation.” While you are excited about the weekend, use the positive energy to complete as much work as possible.

Another trick is to start planning for Monday. This gives you a leverage to start the next week on a positive note, while making a Friday seem like a stop gap to the next step.

Love What You Do

Anshu Tripathi, a HR Manager, says, “If you love what you do than even a Friday can be as motivating as any other day of the week. All those who are good at their job and love their work find it as the greatest motivator.”

Sheldon loves his work so much that he would rather not take a break at all.

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External motivators can only take you through the week, but only if you are innately happy with your job, then Fridays seem like any other day and not a drag till the exciting weekend.

Connecting With Colleagues

Anshu also suggests spending Fridays on networking with colleagues and discussing new ideas or projects. She says, “While it can be boring to spend the Fridays on desk, the general sociable tendency means you will be excited to meet people and discuss new projects and ideas. This also means you have time to consider the suggestions over the weekend. And come back refreshed and energised for work at the start of the next week.”

So, if you plan your work well and love what you do, then Fridays can be like any other week, and not a drudgery before an exciting weekend.