How To Overcome Creative Block

If you’re stuck at a dead end, this could help

How To Overcome Creative Block
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The dreaded block we all try to never reach, but yet, there comes a point where we may face it nonetheless.

Instead of it letting you feel bogged down, here are some effective tips that can help.

Keep Your Mind Open

Sometimes, ideas flow in when you least expect it. You may be in a semi-sleepy state, may be traveling, watching a movie, reading, jogging, drinking out with friends, having a heated argument in your circle of friends, or just about doing anything – and suddenly something clicks and you have an idea in place. Instead of sitting and forcing yourself to create newer ideas, keep an open mind.

Be Ready To Capture Them

What do you do when those ideas do flow in suddenly? You have a moment of flash and let it go? Be prepared to jot it down the moment you have a thought. A small notepad and a pen (that works instead of just lying in the bag) can come in real handy.

Take A Small Breather

If you’re at something but just can’t get past that block, don’t push yourself to complete it even if your heart is still not in it. Instead, take a small breather, maybe walk away from it for a while, go on a coffee break, head out of office and take a stroll in the open air. Do something that lets you clear your head. Tell your boss that you want to take a bit more time and come back ready, instead of doing a half-baked job of it.

We always strive to give our best, hence running out of ideas is but natural
We always strive to give our best, hence running out of ideas is but natural

According to YouTuber Sarvani, who has a channel that goes by the name of Crazy Journal, “This phase called “I don’t know what to do now” attacks every content creator. Ultimately, all of us are human beings and since we strive to give the best, hence, losing the creativity and running out of ideas is but natural. Of course it happens to me too. I remember once there was this phase where I was feeling so burned out that I just didn’t know what to create anymore. So I tried to take a break from my channel for a week. I also asked my subscribers for their ideas so as to understand what they want to see from me. That’s when I tried to get back with a bang!”

Also, taking an opposite perspective to how you or others would approach a project can give you an entirely new idea to work out things. Don’t believe us? Maybe try it out and tell us about it, or what really helps you.