How To Improve Your Performance In The Next Interview

If you are not very happy with the recent interview you gave, this can help

How To Improve Your Performance In The Next Interview
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Whether this is your first interview or whether you are already working and are looking to make a move into a profile of your choice, it is natural to feel nervous and get anxious about the entire experience.

Interview jitters can happen to the best of us. If you have recently given an interview but feel that it was not your best shot, don’t lose heart.

Meeting a potential employer for an interview is always a learning experience, one that will help you understand the industry better. It will also let you understand what employers are looking for.

So if you’re not very happy about how you recently did in your interview, try these tips to improve your chances in the next one.

1. Write Down Your Thoughts About Why You Will Be An Asset

Did you forget a lot of what you wanted to say in the last interview? You are surely not alone! If you’ve ever been to a live performance, you may have noticed how the performers have fumbled and forgotten what they wanted to say. To avoid forgetting something important, jot down the main points you want to highlight.

2. Think Of Other Ways You Could Have Answered

Talking to others can help you do things in a different and better way

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There are different ways to answer the same question, and maybe the way you said something wasn’t what the interviewer was looking for. Do some research, speak to others who are already in the same industry and see how you can do the same thing differently the next time.

3. Remember It Is A two Way Communication

Your interview is always a two way communication, where you don’t just have to answer what you’re asked, but also have to ask the right questions. This will help you understand more about the place you are thinking of joining and your interviewer will also see that you are curious and interested about the profile.

According to Suvarna Sawant, PR Manager with Scenic Communications who has 8 years of experience in the industry, “Post your interview, you should always do a self-assessment of what you did. It will help you give a better interview next time. It is always good to analyse and think back on the things you said during the interview and recall the reaction of the people who were taking your interview. I think this will really help an individual to perform better.”

Don’t stress if you are scheduled for another interview. Instead, give yourself time and do your homework right, and be your best self.

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