How To Get An Investor For Your Startup

These tips can get you the money to turn your dream into reality

How To Get An Investor For Your Startup
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You’re probably all charged up with your ideas for a startup and know that you can really make a difference in a market that is already brimming with so many ideas.

But all said and done, how do you get about making your dreams into a reality, unless you have the funds to do so?

Most angel investors get a lot of requests and pitches from potential entrepreneurs who are looking for funding, and it is only those who can really sell it to the investor that get the share of the dough.

So if you’re a budding entrepreneur who is looking to get an investor for your startup, these tips can help.

Tip #1 Build An Investor Profile

Do a thorough research and see which all investors you can really reach out too, who may actually help you out. You could feel that going out to each and every investor may be more helpful, but instead of the number of people you reach out to, it is more important to reach out to the right ones. Do your research and prepare a list, then get your pitch ready accordingly.

Check if they invest at your stage and pitch accordingly
Check if they invest at your stage and pitch accordingly

Saloni Jain is the Director – Start-Up Equity at Sun Capital and heads the startup equity division. With her elaborate network of more than 100 untapped angel investments and 40 VC funds, she has been helping start-ups raise funds and has a success rate of more than 50 startups in last 6 months. Saloni feels that it is important to reach out to only a few investors after doing your research. Check if they invest at your stage and then pitch accordingly.

Tip #2 Keep A Team In Place

If you’re reaching out to an investor, make sure to give equal importance to your team and whoever is involved in the work. Investors would want to know who all is part of the process and contributes in what way. Even if it is just a two-member team, keep all data ready. Saloni agrees – Investors like organisations which have teams and systems in place, so give these aspects equal importance.

Tip #3 Prepare A Financial Plan

You are after all talking money, so it is important your numbers are in order. Make sure to get all relevant information about how much money you need, where it will go, how the finances will work out and every little detail that involves money. Before connecting with the investors, work out a detailed financial plan, says Saloni. Things about how much money you need, how it will affect overall growth, how long it will sustain and so on are important, she adds. Investors are looking for high returns on their investment and are there to make money, so be smart about it, says Saloni.

Even the best plans and ideas can get turned down, so don’t get disappointed. Make sure to follow up and connect again, even if you have not heard back from an investor, or have been rejected.