How To Establish Personal Boundaries At Your Office?

Tips on how to set your limits at work

How To Establish Personal Boundaries At Your Office?
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While you are at work, you are required to keep in mind a lot of things, follow a set of rules and work harder each day so that nothing gets in the way of your successful career. Work is worship for most of the devoted employees, and there are some employees who are so devoted who have the capacity to forget everything else and plunge into their professional life and stay that way for good.

While that may seem all hunky dory at the onset of your career, there will be a time when your work will take a lot away from your life and you will not be left with a lot.

When we think of setting boundaries at work, the first thing that crosses our mind is drawing limits about getting intimate at work, or giving hints to co workers or something along the lines. However, drawing limits can mean so much more than that. You ought to be careful because at the risk of sounding rude, you may end up earning a bad name for yourself and vices like demotion may follow. So, you need to maintain boundaries at work, boundaries which will not just be limited to saying no to physical touch, but innumerable other fields.

Here are some tips you can follow for establishing boundaries at work:

Know Your Own Worth

You may worship your work and that will take you a long way, but do not give in so much to the pressure that you keep your passion aside. You may be great at something else too other than your work, and if you have a heart to follow that, make sure you draw the line at work about working overtime. Going for overtime once in a while is fine, but make sure the habit does not creep in.

Communication Is The Key

Communicating your problems as well as intentions at the very beginning helps a lot
Communicating your problems as well as intentions at the very beginning helps a lot

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People treat you the way you want to be treated, so if you find yourself to be miserable at work, it is your own doing. In order to avoid that misery, make sure you communicate clearly about everything. It is obvious that you will not be interested in taking work related calls all the time. So lay that out clearly and mention that you will not be available for official calls while at home.

Be Clear About Your Feelings

Your job will win you over by paying you a handsome amount of money. That will put the onus on you to work extra hard. While that is okay, there must be a limit to that. You need to be able to recognize your own feelings before you yield to the pressure. Beware of the slightest feelings of being taken advantage of, of being used, and feelings of discomfort. Acknowledge these feelings the moment they sprout their head and that will help you set the boundaries at work.

Be Sure Of What Needs To Be Changed

Once you have identified the red flags, be certain about what needs to be done in order to set the boundaries. You cannot come across as rude, so try talking politely to the person who gets on your nerves, or try handling the situation cleverly without losing your cool.

With these key points in mind, your work will still be your worship and you will learn to value yourself as well.