How To Continue Working In A Toxic Work Environment

Sometimes you just can't leave your job. What would you do, then?

How To Continue Working In A Toxic Work Environment
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Your workplace might not be the most fun place on Earth but if it leaves you tired, sad and depressed, you must realize that this is not the most favourable environment for you to work in. You can be losing sleep, losing self esteem and it might even affect your relationships severely.

So you’ve realized that this is a toxic work environment. That’s not the huge part. The main hiccup occurs at the stage when you realize you can’t quit this toxic job because of various reasons. Here’s how you can survive your time at this:

1. Vent Constructively

Find colleagues, make connections and talk about your feelings. When we say ‘vent constructively’, we mean that you find out if other people are going through the same toxicity as you are. When things stir up, you have friends to understand where you’re coming from. Keep in mind that there is a thin line between discussing your experience and creating a negative aura. Don’t gossip or make the scenario dysfunctional for yourself and others around you.

2. Relieve Your Stress

Find something other than your day job that keeps you going. You need to have something you’d love to keep looking forward to all day. Maybe an hour at the gym, acting class, music lessons, cooking for dinner, spending time with friends and family, travelling, writing, etc. could be your getaway. It is important to find a balance between your day job and the rest of your life. Just because your time at your workplace is detrimental to your mental health doesn’t mean you let it get to the other aspects of your life too. It’s essential you live a fulfilling life apart from your 9 to 5 tragedy.

3: Document Things At Work

It's always smart to gather relevant evidence.
It’s always smart to gather relevant evidence.

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Record and file instances from calls, meetings and interactions with all colleagues and management that may contribute to the toxicity at work. Each small case may build up your case. In case you make up your mind to file a complaint, this file of documented instances will help you. Recorded calls, messages and emails are of importance too. Evidence supporting the fact that your time at work was mentally taxing is essential to back up your claim.

All this while we would advise you to form an exit strategy. Things might start looking up at work, but if it doesn’t then you need to start looking for other job opportunities. In a scenario where you needed to leave yesterday, consider a bridge Job that will help you survive while you land a more suitable and long term job. Knowing when the environment around becomes toxic and how to handle it can prepare you to take actions based on terms that you’d want for you next job.