How To Bounce Back After A Failure At Work

This can help you get out of a bad situation and do better next time

How To Bounce Back After A Failure At Work
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Ever faced a failure at work that made you lose sleep and left you worried and anxious for the next few days?

Setbacks happen to even the best ones, and success and failure are part of work and life.

If you’ve felt the failure recently in something that happened at work, don’t let it hold you back. Here are a few ways that can help you move on and give your best again.

Give Time To Your Emotions

It’s natural to feel bad after something did not happen the way you envisioned, so instead of avoiding it, let yourself feel the same. Think over it, spend some time experiencing the hurt and anger, and let it out.

Now Bring Together The Pieces

Once you have spent time on it, get up and think of what next. You may now be in a better position to understand what could have gone wrong, and taking the time out can also give you a clearer and different perspective on the same topic. Plan your next moves now.

Learn From It And Imbibe

Failure can help us learn and introspect
Failure can help us learn and introspect

Pratik Mehta is the Founder of The Brew, a Performance – Capability – Strategy enhancement firm, enabling solutions with the ultimate objective to build high performance, high impact sustainable organizations and workplaces. According to him, “We tend to stereotype failure as untouchables, something we have to avoid at all costs, and success as a craving, but these are merely outcomes and hence, driven by a process. As a professional, it’s best to handle both carefully. Failure can help us learn and introspect, while success can show us what worked right.”

Take An Outsider Perspective

If you want to improve on what happened and avoid the same mistake in future, you can speak to a mentor, a senior or someone else and seek their perspective on the matter. This will help you get a different angle to the entire thing and will help you get an idea of what you can do differently the next time if you are faced with a similar situation.

Know When To Move On

There is so much that can go on even after the problem is resolved. For instance, you may be blaming yourself, you may be feeling guilty about it, or blaming someone else, or looking for excuses that can justify why something went wrong. Leave it and move on.

Failure happens to the best of us. JK Rowling’s manuscripts were rejected by most publishers before she became known around the world for Harry Potter and even Apple Founder Steve Jobs faced failure at many stages. Learn from yours and be positive.