How Much Work-Break Should You Ideally Take In A Day?

How many hours' break do you need during working hours?

How Much Work-Break Should You Ideally Take In A Day?
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Work is worship for all those who wish to make something worthwhile out of their career. It is our work that defines us; it is our work which makes us who we are. Whatever profession we are working in, it is a must that we put in our hundred percent in order to take away the most from our work. It is not just the huge amount of salary that we draw from our work; it is the experience, the personal and professional relationships we form with our colleagues, and our overall development.

Having said that, one thing should never escape our minds. Just as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, similarly, the converse is also true. Working for eight to nine hours will take an immense toll on our mental and physical health. It will make us anxious, it will start affecting our personal life. A time will come when we will find ourselves to be workaholics. Yes, putting in a hundred percent in your work is a great thing, but what should be kept in mind is that even if work is your worship, your health is your wealth.

An hour’s break is quite necessary when sitting long stretches at work
An hour’s break is quite necessary when sitting long stretches at work

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It is a must that we take an hour’s break in our tiring eight to nine hours of work. It is a huge task to sit in front of the computer screen and fulfill all the demands that your work makes.

But amidst all the professionalism, what must not be forgotten is that breaks are necessary.

Neha Misri, Senior PR executive at Doodhwala says, “Breaks allow you to boost your energy and accomplish more as they replenish your energy reserves. Ideally, small breaks throughout the day are necessary for a creative work environment. But ensuring they are at a time suitable for self and others involved in the project. As everyone is wired differently, breaking at appropriate time gaps is necessary.”

An hour’s break would enhance productivity. It would help you to work better and refresh your mind. It is not humanly possible for anyone to constantly work for a span for eight to nine hours every day. Thus, a stipulated break of an hour is a must. You can also indulge in a break of five to six minutes in between your work. That also will make you a better worker and you will be able to pay a lot more attention to your work because you will not be bored.

According to Public Relations Expert Shiv Rajvanshi, “Some short breaks are required – it can be 5-15 minutes after every two hours, or take a longer break – at least 30 minutes – every 2 to 4 hours. It all depends on your task at hand.”

Boredom is that vice which if creeps in your work, can kill all the hard work you have done for months to reach a particular place. We all have aspirations and aims to meet, and our devotion to our work will decide that. However, breaks are a must and taking breaks will ensure you keep loving your work, no matter how tedious it may get from time to time.