Is high IQ enough to succeed at work? Check what a Nobel prize winner had to say

Unravel the debate of what wins in a battle between Personality and IQ.


While it is believed that geeks rule the world and every child with a high Intelligence Quotient is made out to be a protégé on the path of glory, there may be evidence to shatter these assumptions.

Nobel Prize winning economist James Heckman says that he discovered that IQ is only a minor factor in determining success. He found that financial success was more correlated with conscientiousness.

Consciousness is a personality trait marked by diligence, perseverance and self-discipline. So, along with high brain power, non-cognitive skills of personality are important for success in life.

The recent stress on ‘learnability’ is also part of this trend towards realizing that success in modern world demand multi-faceted skills and ability to collaborate and network with others.

Another important trait is curiosity and openness. Being able to keep an agile mind and learning on the go are very important. This is the major lesson from greats like Elon Musk.

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While there may be clear difference between someone with an IQ of 70 and someone with IQ of 130, yet the latter will need more than just IQ to succeed in life.