Here’s Why “Work From Home” Isn’t For You

Irrespective of its various perks, work-from-home isn't for everyone.

Here's Why
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We all know how work-from-home is in trend these days. Not just the young workforce but even the recruiters have started preferring freelancers or work-from-home executives. It is a win win situation as the professional enjoys the comfort of their home and the employer saves a lot of resources. This is the reason why a lot of professionals from various industries from IT to creative have started considering the option to work from home. But then there’s always a doubt if it is something compatible with your working style and your demeanor in general. A smart professional will always consider working in a space and in a format where they are the most productive. What if work-from-home takes away more than it gives you? What if you are not cut out for this? Is there a way to know that? Maybe there is-

Is This Independence Good For You?

If you are someone who sleeps as soon as you are *free*, don't work from home :P
If you are someone who sleeps as soon as you are *free*, don’t work from home 😛

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One of the topmost perks of working from home is the flexibility and independence it brings with it. But then the question is, what do you do with this independence? If you are a driven professional who would utilise this independence to become even more productive, good for you! But not everyone is. There always those who are incapable of putting this independence to good use. It’s possible that you work better and with much more conviction when there’s someone on top of your head. In that case, it is always better to find yourself a full time job! (And maybe work on your driving factor or the motivation to work without having someone to take follow ups)

You’ve Trouble Concentrating

Work from home can NEVER EVER work out for you if you get distracted easily. Irrespective of what you do, home will always be full of distractions of one kind or the other. It will never give you the kind of ambience and atmosphere that a fully functional office would. It could anything from a quick errand to your bed’s secret call out sleep on it (*wink*) but the distractions will always be there. Additionally, there are enough distractions available on your laptop and phone itself. Because of lack of co-workers and managers, you will let entertain this distractions as well. Think this through before you opt to work from home.

You As A Person

YOU could be the biggest reason why you shouldn't work from home.
YOU could be the biggest reason why you shouldn’t work from home.

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Maybe everything is alright and taken care of but it can still not work for you. Why? Because of the way you are! You can’t help it. If you are someone who sucks at telephonic conversations, abort this mission right now. Because work-from-home is all about it. Then, if you are someone who would always prefer having people around. Abort! You’ll start feeling very lonely very soon! If you are a serial procrastinator, oh then again, you must abort! So, before taking the decision, just introspect your own personality.

Usually, you yourself have all the answers you seek. The very advantages of working from home could become your worst enemies. It all depends from person to person. But if you really think it is for you, go for it! There’s nothing like working from the comforts of your home.