Here’s Why Fast Growth is Overrated

Growing isn't everything.

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Are you earning more than you did last month? Are you making more profits? Have you multiplied your sales? The questions are endless because the world today is obsessed with Fast Growth. But guess what? Fast growth is absolutely over rated. People don’t even realise but so many of the problems in their life exist because they have tried to grow too fast. In growing FAST, we forget about growing sustainably.

You / your company suffers

You’ll end up worn out and tired, if you work yourself up beyond your capacity.

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Everyone has a capacity. If you push yourself beyond that, you will suffer more than you’ll gain. Even when you work too hard in a gym for instant results, you end up injuring yourself. The same applied to professional and business life as well. You cannot force yourself into instant growth. You have to see yourself through the process and eventually grow. The sustainability of your growth matters way more than the pace.

You don’t know what you are doing

You and your business might fall flat if you are not prepared for the growth. Build the foundation.

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When you force your business into growth, you don’t know what you entering into. You don’t even know if you or your company are capable of handling this growth. You need to be very careful during expansion. Meaningless and directionless growth will lead you nowhere. Keep your obsession with growth aside and learn to think like a true businessman.

Fast growth must be coupled with the foundation to handle it. First, work on building the capacity to do the work and then think about growth. Foundation is way more important than growth.