Here’s Why You Should Not Trade Respect To Get Attention

Respect takes more hard work than attention

Here's Why You Should Not Trade Respect To Get Attention

Respect is a mark of credibility. It takes effort and time to build a good reputation. Attention is a matter of few seconds. It comes and passes. To lose respect for attention is to play for now, and lose vision of the larger picture.

Narcissism can cost you

Your weekend party selfies and detailed dating antics may seem harmless and fascinating to you. But too much sharing of details and events may give people the impression you are narcissistic and overly in need of attention. Worse, any inappropriate stories highlight your immaturity and lack of discretion.

Sloppiness is not appreciated

The worst way to gain attention and losing respect is by being late for work and meeting. People tire of always having to wait for someone to show up. It’s make you appear selfish, unorganized, and disrespectful of other’s time. Some people do desperate things to draw attention like playing a harmful prank or writing a stinker. Some cc everybody in the mail while all that is required is a one-on-one conversation. These antics are sure short-cuts to lose respect.

Show offs are not respected

Dressing for attention is also a big no. They were expensive brands or flaunt gadgets. Worst cases are those who buy these things on credit or borrow money. These shallow habits are also noticed by people, and may get you attention, but lose respect.

Losing respect for attention is a bad trade off, and never pays well.