Here’s How Voluntary Work Will Help Build Your Professional Skills

Why you must work with an NGO before you jump into your professional career?

Here’s How Voluntary Work Will Help Build Your Professional Skills
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While it is becoming very trendy, working with an NGO, also has many other benefits. Whether it is for the animals, planting trees, working with children, aged or sick or helping the less privileged, working in a non-profit organization has many advantages. It not only helps you with some specific skills, it adds a lot to your character as well as your resume.

Working With Limited Resources

The objective of an NGO is not profit, but service. So, working here as an unpaid intern or a volunteer exposes you to situations where people work with limited resources. It teaches one a lot about situational leadership, resolving the crisis and working against odds. Ravi Pahuja, in charge of Digital Marketing at Deepalaya, says “When people work for a low or no salary, it really brings out their passion. Here people are driven not by money, but by intention. And that is a great opportunity to introspect about your own career priorities.”

Learning Social Skills

When you work for the cause of the less privileged, you learn empathy and develop people skills. Abhishek Saini, Founder of Those In Need, suggests that he notices a clear modification in the behavior of volunteers. This organization works as a platform to connect different volunteers with various NGOs. He says, “I see a clear change in the way they view society. They learn to interact with people who are very different from them. After their volunteering work, they obviously have an advantage over others in social and interpersonal skills.”

Working by motivations beyond money makes people happier.
Working by motivations beyond money makes people happier.

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Caption – An Opportunity For Self-Development

Those who work for some greater cause, not only help the society but also help themselves. Ravi says, “My work has shown me that people are happier when they have less. Working in an NGO teaches you contentment and compassion. It means you will not be deterred or stressed by petty problems at work”

Working for an NGO helps you find your real passion, and learn some essential skills for a successful career.