Here’s How To Win The “Best Employee Of The Year” Award

Everybody secretly wants to win it!

Here's How To Win The
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You might be great at your work, nice to your coworkers and your boss’s favourite. But that’s not enough if you’re eyeing the ‘Best employee of the Year’ Award. But don’t you worry. We got you covered. Make sure you check each of the following boxes in order to achieve this goal completely:

Meeting Deadlines

Everybody loves a punctual star!
Everybody loves a punctual star!

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When you’ve been given a task, make sure you finish it by the time your boss thinks of it again. Brownie points for completing and handing those reports over before time along with a helpful note to summarize what you’ve just worked so hard on. Your hardwork can vaporize if the person on the receiving end also has to spend an equal amount perfecting, correcting or deciding it. Your task is considered best finished when you make someone else’s job easier.

Be Punctual

Turning up to work everyday ain’t enough. When you turn up at your workplace, ensure you reach on time all ready for the work day to follow. Dress up like you mean it. Messy hair and a loose pant isn’t excusable even if you come in before time. Avoid taking a lot of “Family Emergency” and “I’m feeling Sick” leaves. You think an innocent weak excuse in a month is harmless but the HR is sharper than you think. You are a step further away from the ‘colleague of the year’ award with each lame leave.

Time Those Coffee Breaks

It's more about the efficiency you exhibit.
It’s more about the efficiency you exhibit.

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A 15 minute break every 2 hours is normal, right? Everyone takes one. And those 30 minutes for a quick snack downstairs with some refreshing chai to bajaao that mid-evening laziness. It’s essential to stay awake and alert, we get it. But that cuts down atleast 2 hours of your working hours which pushes your exit time from 7 to 9 pm. More time at work doesn’t necessarily translate into more work, you know? Efficiency is a factor if you’re aiming for the prize.

Work-Life Balance

If you have this down, you’re sorted. Better work-life balance ensures that you’re happier, calm and more focused at work as well as home. If you’re not spending time at home and crunching those late hours at work, it makes you irritated and decreases your dedication at work. So don’t forget to maintain your life. A content employee, in turn, is profitable for the company.

Avoid competition, avoid getting dragged into office drama and be helpful to your coworkers. This is how you get the good employee act down and pave your way for the award!