Here’s How To Be The Lie Detector For Your Boss

Signs to determine that your boss is lying to you

Here’s How To Be The Lie Detector For Your Boss
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Politics at work can be worse than the politics that run the country. You have to extremely aware of each and every step of your co-worker and you have to beware of the telltale signs of being lied to. It is not a new thing to know that people lie. Honesty is a rarely found virtue in today’s world and given the negativities and the tough competition around, it is almost next to impossible to be successful with a clean record.

It is one thing to have co-workers lying to you on your face, and it is a completely different thing when your boss is lying to you. Since he is your boss, there is hardly anything you can do about it but just stand there and listen to what he has to offer. So, it is always better to be equipped with the knowledge that you are being lied to so that you do not make a fool of yourself in the long run. Here are the signs which will help you detect if your boss is lying to you:

Go For The Body Language

It is true that actions speak louder than words. You cannot make your boss undergo a polygraph test so it is best if you know all about the body languages that can be indicative of lying. Watch out closely for that fake smile for it is impossible for anyone to have a real smile on their face while lying. You could also watch out for signs like fidgeting, blinking and gestures like lip biting and nose touching.

Changing The Subject Is Not A Great Thing

This is one of the greatest red flags which you need to beware of. If you ask your boss something and he changes the subject after gracing your question with just an abrupt answer, then there are chances that he is lying. For example, if you raise the topic of the hike and he vaguely changes the topic to the next meeting you will go to, then that is a sign.

Liars Have A Louder Voice

Liars generally, have a higher pitch while they are speaking to emphasize their point
Liars generally, have a higher pitch while they are speaking to emphasize their point

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It is not a surprise that a lot of people who are lying need to emphasize what they are saying because they need their words to have an impact. Thus, liars will have a higher pitch while speaking. So, if you see your boss raising at voice at the drop of a hat, then do not take it to be one of his bossy characteristics. He is lying.

Fumbling Can Be A Grave Sign

While we all know how our bosses are expected to have a confident tone and be sure about what they tell us if you find your boss stammering or fumbling, it could be because of the nervousness that he is facing due to the lies he has burdened himself with.

Ascertaining Their Honesty

If your boss keeps on using phrases like “Honestly”, “To tell you the truth”, “Frankly”, “To be honest”, very often, then he is probably hiding the real truth behind these ornamental phrases which speak anything but the truth.

It may be difficult to pick up on the signs immediately, but with time, you will get better.